Jeep® Concept Friday – Mighty FC



Fridays on the Jeep® Blog, we’re featuring some of our favorite concept vehicles. This week, check out the 2013 Jeep Mighty FC concept model.

The Mighty FC concept vehicle made its debut at the 2013 Moab Easter Jeep Safari. Stemming from the ideas of the Jeep Forward Control (1956–1965), the Mighty FC was a front-heavy vehicle meant to take on the most rugged trails.

Based on a two-door Jeep Wrangler, the Mighty FC paid homage to the Forward Control with its front-end design. The cabin was based off of a Jeep Wrangler and included a roof from the Mopar® JK-8 pickup kit.

Part of the Mighty FC’s superior off-road capability was due to the use of the Mopar® Portal Axle set. The vehicle was also given a set of 40-inch tires and a wheelbase of 117 inches, which added to its ability to conquer the trails. Under the hood, the Mighty FC had a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 3.6-liter V6 engine and automatic transmission.

Inside, the Jeep Mighty FC was Wrangler-based. It had a roomy interior with plaid upholstery covering the seats and steering wheel.

Make sure to check out our Concept Friday post next time to check out more details on the 2013 Jeep Wrangler Recon concept vehicle!


18 Responses to “Jeep® Concept Friday – Mighty FC”

  1. Vic Hyatt

    I would like to see the FC back in to production. How about anyone else ? Imagine having a crew cab 4×4 with a 6 cyl turbo diesel. I would buy one. We need an American UniMog.

    • Lawrence BroLan Ledbetter

      I would sell both my sailboats to get a long wheel base FC with a diesel. Come on JEEP. Get with it.

    • Vic Hyatt

      Jeep would rather let fiat tell them they need a tiny SUV vehicle that no one will buy. Crew cab turbo diesel FC would be awesome. I would love to have one.

    • Ag arillon

      Absolutely!…..i think the many useful possible combinations available by creating a base model like this that would function well off/on-road/commercial or private(shorter/taller tires, poss 2x/4x options, and hard – cab/2 seat/4 seat highly configurable….with diesel options)

      What a completely new Jeep model base could function as! It’d be an amazing new market)

  2. Paula Garfield

    Im gonna buy a new jeep by Spring..just tryn to decide on the.model..teacher here..NEA and OEA benefits save me thousands on a new vehicle..just tryn to

  3. Yeah, looks like it would work great off-road going up-hill, but how about down-hill? I feel like with as heavy as the front end is, it’d topple forward?
    Although, on another topic, it looks like it could make for a Dang good work truck! Towing and whatnot!

  4. Joshua Ball

    With a removable top like the Wrangler, this is the ultimate vehicle. PLEASE make this Jeep! It’s been too long since the FC has been in production. I would preorder today if I could.

  5. Harry Antonucci

    They need to build these FC’s in a regular cab and a crew cab again. I would buy one in a heart beat. Then they can compete with the Japanese and their mini trucks.


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