Watch | 2014 Jeep® Cherokee “Built Free” Official Commercial


Throw yourself at the world, headfirst. Again. Introducing the all-new 2014 Jeep® Cherokee.

10 Responses to “Watch | 2014 Jeep® Cherokee “Built Free” Official Commercial”

    • Sorry. Just noticed there are 2 versions. The one being shown now is Rocks & Gravel.

    • Tim Cratchit

      True. But this sounds like a Dylan voice-over on someone else’s more current studio guitar work. Sure would like to find this version. But it is likely a one-off hybrid by an ad agency.

  1. Why design polarizing headlights when you have the rest of the design spot on? Some designer trying to be too edgy!

  2. This version is by Jason Soda — who was one of the founders of the group Everest.


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