Tell Your Story and Enter to Win a 2012 Jeep® Wrangler

Do you have a Jeep® adventure you’d like share? We’re looking for Jeep® stories from the real people who lived them. Tell us on Facebook and you’ll be entered to win a 2012 Jeep Wrangler. Just head to the “Times of Your Life” app on the Jeep Facebook page and tell us your most boisterous, adventurous, or mischievous Jeep stories. 


To give you a sense of what we’re after, we’ve gathered stories from Jeep fans across the country in a series of videos. Check out “Stealing the General’s Jeep Vehicle” and listen to World War II veterans recount the time they took their General’s Jeep 4×4 on a joyride and lived to tell about it.

13 Responses to “Tell Your Story and Enter to Win a 2012 Jeep® Wrangler”

  1. James Martin

    I eat; breath; and Sleep Jeep!! I’ve had a 1997 Wrangler and a 2000 Wrangler! Looking forward to getting my 2012! The Only vehicle you can feel confident in no matter what the situation!

  2. Bill Reynolds

    My wife had a 2004 Jeep Liberty she and I really loved but my daughter loved it too, so they traded vehicles .My daughter who is 25 preferred the jeep over her Red —– — sports car she picked out new in 2005 It would be nice to see my Wife in a new Jeep Again. Last night I had a dream that
    she had won a new jeep.This one she will keep…Or maybe trade my daughter back again.

    After my dream I looked on line and found this site.
    Hey who knows … dreams can come true!

  3. I have no Jeep stories of my own to tell (yet!) as I have never owned a one (yet!) I keep having dreams about owning one though! : ) The first thing I’m going to do when I finally DO get my new jeep is to take it 4 wheeling and get it REAL DIRTY!

    If I have to explain that, you still wouldn’t understand.

    It’s a Jeep thing!

  4. Cory L

    I have always wanted my own Jeep. My sister, an avid Jeep fan, has owned four. While I was able to sneak a few offroad sessions in while “Going to the store” I have never had a chance to drive one for more than a few hours. Years passed, an now I’m a single father trying to raise my 8yr old son.

    My son is growing into a carbon copy of myself. Like me, he is infatuated with cars, trucks, and of course… Jeeps. I hope one day him and I will be able to trek the Rubicon Trail in a nice Wrangler. Take on the snow piles, or just find a secluded spot to fish. We look at pages online that show all of the new features for our offroad dream, and Jeep clubs we wish were could participate in. We have “built” many Jeeps on and always talk about what kind of adventures we would have.

    If we win a Jeep, you would have found the happiest pair of “kids” on the planet.

  5. Jason Pickell

    I am trying to win a new jeep to replace my past jeep. When I met my wife, my 2007 JK became the root of my family I have today. One of our first dates we had together was off-roading in the Mounds (MI). We grew closer and closer every day. We decided to move forward in our life’s and created new adventures moving to Tennessee. Since we were new to the area, we spent our free time up in the mountains scavenging for new trails and experiences. Surprise to us, we was blessed with a little boy. We still continued to trail and have picnics in remote places even through my wife was 8 months pregnant. When my boy came I have started a new job and continued to finish my school. Unfortunately, I traded in my jeep for a more economical vehicle. The real sting of it all is shortly after I traded my jeep I was lucky enough to find a job that supplied a vehicle. That meant I really didn’t have to trade my jeep because we are now able to afford the gas for our daily adventures. But for every trail creates a new obstacle to overcome. I do not regret that I lost my jeep because my family comes first. I only wish every day is that I may have new adventures with my family jeeping though out the Mountains, Valleys, Planes and whatever we come across. Thank You Jason

  6. I want a jeep wrangler so bad this is my all time dream car! My father passed away last April and a jeep wrangler was his second car and had it for years and I always wanted it! I hope some how I can win this jeep it would mean the world to me!!:) thank you !

  7. I have owned and lease jeeps all my life. I currently have an 04 GC V8 4×4 I bought used in 05, It is is an iron horse, Most of the jeeps I have owned have been thrill seekers of the Wrangler variety. There is nothing like that kind of go anywhere rolling freedom. One of my new CJ purchases in the 80s kept accumilating all manner of gtoodies for dressout and utility before the deal was closed. I received a call from the salesman at Ernie Hare (in Tampa) who told me that he could give me a fantastic deal on a Jeep decked to the max with all the goods I wanted and pick it up that night, I flew down to the dealership and there it was – a tall black beauty trimmed in chrome just like I was building for myself. The salesguy gave a me an outstanding number and there was no hesitation from me. His. “I know somethign you don’t” sneaky grin kind of conerned me. I said, “So what is the story on this jeep?” He said that the owner and the customer were very good friends and the customer called him and ordered the vehicle cusotmized to his specifications — then — changed his mind at the last minute on the color. That customer was one of the owners of the new USFL football team, the Tampa Bay Bandits, Burt Reynolds.

  8. Never had one… Really wanna try it out! I love to offroad with my family and friends on the weekend (by the way im 18) and this would be the best!

  9. I have always been a Jeep fan since I was a little girl, I always swore I would own a Jeep of my own one day, but my Ex husband was always a Non-Jeep person and wouldn’t allow for me to have a Jeep, We are Divorced and Three kids later, I have custody of our children and needless to say the vehicle I do have was given to me by my parents because I can’t afford to get a new vehicle of my own yet. I have my parents used 2002 Chevy Trailblazer and have had nothing but problems with it. I have a full time job and am making payments on a house and with bills and all I can no way afford a payment on another vehicle, however if I could, and when I can my Choice will be a Jeep. To finally have my dream vehicle which one way or another one day I will have.

  10. Hands down on the ground, I absolutely love Jeeps, I love. love, love them !!  I have numerous, yet, very fond memories of growing up and being the lucky passenger in one of my Father’s Jeeps.  My Father used their mighty horse power and traction abilities for his snow plowing business during Winter and family vacations in the Summer.  He would pack up the family every year to go to his Mother’s in North Carolina.  We would always pull in one of those off the road ‘scenic view” areas located in the “Great Smokey Mountains” to picnic, but this time was different.  While sitting in the “ole” Wagoneer eating, a huge bear came out of the woods and began ram-sacking the trash cans.  The bear took notice of us and swiftly moved in twords the Jeep.  My Father had to think quick and due to the capability of the Jeeps rugged suspension system he was able to keep us out of harms way by maneuvering down a slope and getting back out onto the main road without causing any vehicle damage.  To this day I tell that story to my son while driving my 2005 Jeep Liberty through the Smokies, good times, great vehicle, wonderful memories !!  I truly believe that if we had been in another vehicle we would not have been so fortunate :))

  11. Candygirl

    After going through one of the toughest times in my life, I decided to book a trip away from home to regroup and unwind. One day, I was with my friends and I see a Red Jeep wrangler parked outside the car rental company and I looked at her and said “I’ve always wanted a Jeep, you know, I’ve been to hell and back and I am going to treat myself, pull over, I’m going to rent that Jeep.”

    We drove from VA to the Outer Banks and the Jeep just made the experience. With the top down, the wind blowing in our hair, we drove to the beach and it was the first time in a long time where I forgot about all I had been through. We took the Jeep on the beach and sat watching the sunset and then to our surprise, we saw fireworks in the distance. I will never forget that moment.

    Handing the keys over, felt like I was breaking up with a boyfriend…no joke! The Jeep was so much fun and I hadn’t smiled or laughed so much in so long.

    The sad part, was that I though I had been through the worst, but more was to come. I have battled a TBI for over 16 months and thanks to rehab and an amazing team of doctors and my determination, I am getting back to the old me.

    I have moved to an area with hundreds of acres of woodland trails and all I can think about is taking a Jeep outback and one day, driving back to the beach on the Outer Banks. Nothing can ever describe how driving a Jeep makes you feel, a feeling no other car can give.

    Thank you.


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