Snow Can’t Slow Grand Cherokee | 9 Winter Safety Features

Snow is flying – at least here in Michigan it is – and highways around the Great Lakes are getting sketchy. We know as well as anyone that off-roading in snow is a blast, but when you’re headed to work or have the family in tow, you want to be secure, which is where the 2012 Jeep® Grand Cherokee comes in. This vehicle will boldly go forth in the most hazardous and icy conditions and keep you sheltered from the elements. Here are nine safety features you’ll be glad to have when the next lake-effect snowstorm blows into town: 


Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC): The all-new ACC automatically adjusts cruising speed to maintain a safe, preset distance between you and the cars ahead, because nothing is worse than a minor brake light setting an entire line of cars into an unnecessary-braking panic on icy roads.


Smartbeam™ Headlamps with Auto Leveling: When the nights are longer, the snow machine kicks into high gear. Fortunately, Bi-Xenon High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps will shine up to three times brighter than regular headlamps, and auto-leveling keeps your lights focused on the road, instead of into the blinding static of heavy white flakes in a black night sky.


Rain-Sensing Wipers and Rain Brake Support: You know that transition between rain and snow and back again? Grand Cherokee’s wipers detect raindrops and activate on their own so you don’t have to flip the wipers on and off, and a new smart brake system helps dry the rotors on wet roads.


Active Head Restraints: We hope you never get in an accident, but if you do, these head restraints can help stave off injuries during rear-impact collisions.


Forward Collision Warning (FCW): Driving in treacherous weather requires a lot of attention. When hazards are all around, Grand Cherokee senses road hazards and helps alert you to impending, dangerous objects in your path.


Electronic Roll Mitigation (ERM): Ever notice that in winter those ditches on the side of the road seem just a little deeper? If things get rough, Grand Cherokee’s ERM takes immediate action to help you maintain stability.


Hill Descent Control (HDC) and Hill Start Assist (HSA): Because climbing a snow-covered hill is just as important as being able to drive down it safely. Next time you go over the river and through the woods, Grandma will have nothing to worry about.


Antilock Brake System (ABS): This ABS system performs on slippery and wet roads. It also knows when you’re driving over rough terrain and adjusts accordingly – a must-have on slippery onramps and ice-covered back roads.


Electronic Stability Control (ESC): Put it all together, and this vehicle-wide network of safety sensors – Electronic Roll Mitigation (ERM), antilock brake system (ABS) and Brake Assist, All-Speed Traction Control, and available Trailer Sway Control (TSC) – make driving in the snow a bit easier… and a bit safer.


Other safety features include Parkview® and Parksense® Park System Assist, Trailer Sway Control, Airbag System, Sentre® Key Engine Immobalizer, and Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear Cross-Path Detection System.


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.


4 Responses to “Snow Can’t Slow Grand Cherokee | 9 Winter Safety Features”

  1. Darrell Evans

    I have a 1999 tj sport 4×4 wrangler and i love my jeep it has taken me every where i want and need to go.God Bless Jeep.

  2. James Farring

    Type your comment here…I have a 2010 JEEP Wrangler Mountain and really like it! Automatic, 4WD, Heated Seats, Positraction, Traction control, Electric windows, PDL, Remote Entry and MORE. A real Kick to drive in the rough stuff!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JEEP!!!!

  3. My 2012 Grand Cherokee makes driving in the Colorado snow easy and fun. Too bad so many other drivers are afraid of the snowy roads and many drive inferior vehicles. They take the fun out of it – waiting on them everywhere you go. I wish more drivers were driving Jeeps, but unfortunately the vehicles would be far more capable than those drivers!!
    Jeeps rule!!  

  4. I’ve owned a Jeep Gr. Cherokee since 1999, and added a 98 Wrangler to my fleet 3 summers ago, I fell in love with the way the wrangler handled the snowy, icy Michigan roads. I just replaced the 2000 Laredo with an 08, giving our son the 2000, Looking forwards to the winter with heated seats and the new safety features of the new Jeep, Which I’ve aptly named Pepe!


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