Jeep® Brand Fireside Chat #2 | Your Responses

Jeep® Brand Fireside Chat

A few weeks ago, we held our second Jeep® Brand Fireside Chat, in which we ask a Jeep brand-related question for you to answer in the comments. We love hearing from you, the Jeep brand fans and enthusiasts, and this is a great way for you to show your passion for Jeep brand vehicles.


The question this month was, “Where is your dream off-road destination and why?” We received a lot of great responses, but we had to narrow it down to two, which you can read below. 

Tom wrote:

As a child my family made two trips up to Alaska, from Wisconsin, driving the Alaskan Highway. I remember how awe-inspiring those trips were, and I cannot help but think just how amazing it would be to do that trip with the top down. We explored logging roads that led to waterfalls, back-country campsites that we shared with moose and salmon fishing in remote creek beds—some of the most vivid memories still almost 20 years later. So much of those dirt roads, wooden bridges, remnants of prospecting towns and people have made me smile countless times since our last trip. An on-road destination with such incredible off-road adventures along the way. Cannot wait to take that trip again!

Chelsey C wrote:

My dream off-road destination would be my grandmother’s farm out in West, Texas. We had an old army Jeep vehicle there that my cousins and I would take mud-doggin’ as kids, which inspired me to get my own Jeep Wrangler a few months ago. Very soon, I’m looking forward to taking my souped-up pink Jeep vehicle to get some mud on the tires and make new trails and memories out at Grandma’s farm.


Be sure to check back for the next Fireside Chat.

11 Responses to “Jeep® Brand Fireside Chat #2 | Your Responses”

  1. My grand Cherokee has a tow rating of 7200lbs. Has anyone got experiences towing a travel trailer. What would be the best weight of an RV to tow.

  2. Tina Johnson


    1. serious question, I am looking to purchase a jeep in about 9 months or so. I’ve been practical for most of my life but now I want to have some fun. I Love Sedona AZ and want to explore UTAH canyon country… I’ve been trying to decide which model, is it really worth it to buy the 4×4 geared Rubicon or Moab, or will the Sahara do?

    2. How do I get a pink jeep like the one pictured??? I sooooo Want it!!!!!!!!!

    • It is for sure worth it to get the 4;1 gear ratio from the t-case in the Rubi but the moab has the same stuff as the Sahara

  3. bill zeeman

    I have a cj-5 1970 ser.# 830517-366916 how can I find what engine was the original. There is a v=6 in it now, I think the radiator is too small may be for a 4 cyl, thank you I THINK W C Z

  4. Jessica Smith

    If you ever sell this please let me know!! I want a pink jeep so bad!

  5. i`m a korean. i love the renegade. so i want to know the latitude of renegade price in korea because of saving money frugally.

  6. Douglas D'Abate

    I have a 2012 unlimited and the hinges are starting to rust and it’s about to come through the paint. It’s out of the 3 year 36K warranty , what will jeep do to make this right ?


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