The Jeep® Brand Celebrates Dogs and Dog Adoption in October



Maybe it’s our connection to nature. Maybe it’s our sense of loyalty and devotion. Maybe we’re just suckersfor a pretty face. But whatever the reason, it’s a known fact that a lot of Jeep 4×4 people are dog people, too

If you’ve got a dog, we’d like to see it. Whether it’s a hunting dog essential to your sporting expeditions or a family pooch who just likes to stick her her nose out the window, we’re sure your dog is grateful that you drive a Jeep vehicle. Send us a picture of your four-legged friend next to your four-wheel-drive pride and joy, and we just may share it on our social media pages.lauren-b-_blur-copy deedee-l-copy

And if you don’t have a dog …?

That’s why we’re calling attention to an important October tradition: “Adopt-a-Dog Month.” Adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue operation will save a life, literally—millions of shelter dogs that don’t find adoptive homes must be euthanized each year. Owning a dog will improve your life as well. Dogs make excellent exercise companions and children’s playmates, and they can be trained to provide animal-assisted therapy. And nothing says “welcome home” after a hectic day like a happy, furry face greeting you at the door.



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