Celebrating Collect Rocks Day with the Jeep® Brand

rock collecting


Do you remember collecting rocks as a kid? You’d walk along a beach or down a trail, find a gem and bring it home to polish it and place it on a shelf. Rock collections were, in their own way, trophies that symbolized our love for the outdoors. Now, as an adult, there’s no reason to stop collecting rocks. Let’s pay homage to our childhood this September 16 on Collect Rocks Day by collecting the rocks we’ve crawled in our Jeep® brand vehicles and adding to our trophy case of off-road adventures.


Whether you’re heading out to an iconic trail or staying close to home, we recommend you use caution when crawling (and collecting) your rocks. Use low gear and low-range 4WD and let the vehicle crawl and idle (between one and three miles per hour) when going over rocks.


These aren’t the skipping stones from your childhood, so use caution and never straddle rocks. Instead, maneuver the tire on top of the rocks and crawl over them slowly. Drop your tire pressure by three to five pounds to improve traction and avoid tire punctures, and don’t worry about minor scraping sounds – that’s what the Jeep Wrangler’s 4×4 skid plates and rock rails are there for.


Rock crawling is a tradition unlike any other when it comes to off-roading and four-wheel drive, and there are plenty of places to test your vehicle. To help get started, check out our blog post: Jeep® Off-Roading 101 – Rocks and Rock Crawling.


When it comes to off-roading in your Jeep brand vehicle, getting muddy is a trophy you can show off anytime. But the rocks that you crawl – those are trophies you’ll keep polished on your highest shelf.


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