Celebrate the Freshest Jeep® Brand Lineup

Jeep® brand lovers, it’s time to get you, your friends, your family, and even your neighbors to the nearest Jeep dealer.  The 2011 Celebration Event is coming to you and with it $500 bonus cash in addition to current incentives.  From September 21-26 you can get up close and personal with our 2012 Jeep Wrangler, and get incentives on every 2011 Jeep brand vehicle on the floor, as well as select 2012 models. Contact your local dealer for specifics.  Don’t miss out!


15 Responses to “Celebrate the Freshest Jeep® Brand Lineup”

  1. MrGreenJeeps

    This tells me nothing more than your tweet did. Please stop doing that; link to more info or don’t link at all.

  2. Just picked up our new ’12 Unlimited this week, absolutely love it! 3-time Wrangler owner. Still have our ’59 Willies.  Always a Jeep girl

  3. etta taber

    Type your comment here.. ihave never had a jeep, but it is something im going to have one day. im 54 and still young enough to have a great time and feel like i look hot in a jeep. cant wait till my day comes and im a jeep owner 🙂

  4. WantMyJeep

    Great. Now get your slow-*ss website admins to update jeep.ca so we can use the build & price options for the 2012s.

  5. Drive my unlimited sahara bright white every days, every days it’s fun! i love this car!

  6. Does this apply in Australia as I ordered mine in July and its going to arrive in November?


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