Jeep® Heritage | 1950 Jeep Willys Station Wagon (Photo Gallery)


Each Friday on the Jeep® Blog, we explore the Jeep brand’s iconic heritage by highlighting a different historical vehicle. This week’s vehicle is the 1950 Jeep Willys Station Wagon.

In 1950, Jeep Willys continued to churn out vehicles that built upon the capability of its World War II vehicle by manufacturing models to appeal to families and industry. The Jeep Willys Station Wagon, which hit the market in 1946, had both a consumer-oriented version and a delivery business model.


Like its 1950 sibling, the Jeep Willys Pickup Truck, the 1950 Jeep Willys Station Wagon underwent some significant changes from the previous model year. The fascia featured a pointed V-shape grille with five horizontal bars instead of the flat grille of prior years. Under the hood, the 437 model featured the new F-134 “Hurricane” engine, whereas the 463 model of prior years featured the L-134 “Go-Devil” engine. The 673 model featured a new iteration of the L-148 “Lightning” engine, a 2.6L, 161 cu in straight-six. At the time, it was the only available 4-wheel-drive station wagon.


Check out the rest of the photos of the 1950 Jeep Willys Station Wagon, including shots of the interior, the instrument panel, and the Sedan Delivery Model.



8 Responses to “Jeep® Heritage | 1950 Jeep Willys Station Wagon (Photo Gallery)”

  1. If you make them again, they will sell.

    I REALLY love the wood slats on the interior floor! I think they were ahead of their time with the 4X4, fold down seats and the overall utility of this family vehicle.

  2. Thomas E. "Tom" Davis

    I have been a Jeep guy for many, many years. I was always happy to see the late 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s rigs around. I am currently trying to buy a new Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo E series. It’s a dream vehicle! Wish me luck, please!

  3. Love it. I am starting to redo my ’63 Willys panel wagon. Lots of work and a long way to go. Just retired so it is all fun!

  4. love the old willys wagon i traded my 59 willys pick-up and bought my 61 wagon all real with flathead 226 t90 w/ overdrive ther is nothing better than old jeeps i have had 49 cj2a also havent own any other model since 1987

  5. We have a 49 willys panel wagon. Does anyone know where we can find the actual number produced in 1949 or who I can contact to get that information? So far most of the books and website information just says how many window and panel wagons were built in one total amount, not how many of each.


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