Jeep® Wrangler Hardcore 4×4

There’s a lot recognizable features that set Jeep® Wrangler apart – the seven bar grill, round headlights, mud-covered body and tires – but it’s the internal guts that push the limits of articulation, maneuverability, traction, ground clearance, and water fording. Here’s a quick overview of the standard and available features that keep the 2012 Jeep Wrangler authentic and pure to its off-road soul. 


Tru-Lok® Differentials: Tru-Lok front and rear electronic locking differentials balance speed between left and right wheels, so Wrangler maintains forward momentum for the ultimate in traction. An instrument panel-mounted rocker switch can lock either the rear or both axles.


Front Sway Bar Disconnect: This system allows you to flip a switch to disengage the sway bar when driving under 18 mph in 4WD-low (4LO) mode, permitting the front suspension to travel up to 25 percent farther.


Heavy-Duty Suspension: Solid axles and locating arms, coil springs, track/stabilizer bars, front steering damper, and tunable monotube shock absorbers are firm at low speeds and more relaxed at higher speeds.


Transfer Case Option: Rock-Trac®, with its 4:1 low-gear ration, allows Wrangler to crawl at low speed for greater control, and increases the amount of torque available at the wheels. Plus, Command-Trac® employs the NV241 GII transfer case, delivering smooth and quiet part-time shift-on-the-fly operation.


Dana® 44 Heavy-Duty Axle: Durability and articulation come from heavy shafts, stiff housing, large pinion bearings, and above-center pinion mountings. The above-center mounting helps reduce driveshaft joint angles for smooth and quiet operation and also adds ground clearance.


Hooks and Plates: Every Wrangler is fortified with underbody armor that protects critical components with stamped steel skid plates for the fuel tank and transfer case. And, of course, tow hooks are there when you need to help a fellow off-roader out of a sticky situation.


14 Responses to “Jeep® Wrangler Hardcore 4×4”

  1. An excellent vehicle.  The Jeep reputation for excellent vehicles with forward thinking engineering is unmatched. Too bad the Jeep Ops game on Facebook has crashed and burned.  It is totally inaccessible.

  2. Just like life, this jeep may take you anywhere and just like life it makes the journey the fun part

  3. Dirk Keeler

    If it had a 5.7 Hemi it would be the Ultimate 4×4. It is very good. I like mine a lot. but it’s not great. Put a V8 in it and I’ll buy a new one. If you don’t, I won’t EVER buy another… sad.

  4. Jordan McKnight

    What a awsome jeep, would love to take it for a drive (climb). Wranglers are the jeeps of jeeps and the best off road ride.

  5. Louise Mc Innes

    It is the easiest offroad vehicle to upgrade, and there’s a lot of companies out there to look for your ultimate stuff.  Also, it is a Jeep, 100% American made…since 1941.

  6. I love cross section diagrams! Especially ones that are of the greatest off road vehicle of all time! GO USA!

  7. Jeep, I would love if you uploaded a HD version of this picture somewhere! I factory ordered my 2012 JK Sport back in September and would love this picture for my wallpaper.

  8. Bought a 2011 wrangler sport, my fourth jeep, great on road but doesn’t have as much power or clutch as my 2009 did, took it back to 2 different dealerships and they found nothing wrong… oh well i guess i just need to buy aftermarket parts… still love the jeep won’t ever buy anything different (unless they become foriegn made)… if anybody has any tips feel free to email me


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