2012 Jeep® Patriot – The Best Priced SUV in America


Jeep® Patriot represents its namesake to the core. It’s all All-American, rugged, and ready for anything.  It’s capable on and off the road. And here’s the kicker:  it’s the Best Priced SUV in America*.


What’s in a Patriot that helps it get the most bang for the buck? The aggressive exterior styling stays true to the Jeep brand identity and heritage. There’s no mistaking the seven-slot grille and trapezoidal wheel arches for anything else but a Jeep brand vehicle. The Patriot 4X2 offers up to an EPA estimated 29 MPG HWY**, meaning you don’t have to cut your adventures short.


Of course, every Jeep brand vehicle is about capability and the 2012 Jeep Patriot has available Freedom Drive I™ full-time, active 4WD. For serious adventure, Patriot’s Trail Rated® Freedom Drive II® Off-Road Group is available.


Take an interactive 360° interior and exterior look at the 2012 Jeep Patriot and learn more at Jeep.com.


*Based on entry level M.S.R.P. and latest available competitive pricing.

** When equipped with a 2.0L four-cylinder engine and manual five-speed transmission.


18 Responses to “2012 Jeep® Patriot – The Best Priced SUV in America”

  1. The Jeep Patriot’s a great vehicle and glad to see it doing so well. I find it very reminiscent of the original Cherokee body design, yet it gets up to 29 MPG. That’s impressive. Still waiting to see the Altitude package though. I’m sure that’s an impressive mean look for such a fine vehicle.

  2. Anyone know if it will ever come with a 5 or 6 cylinder option? something will a little bit more power and im a buyer

    • Loki,

      Haven’t heard anything about a 6 cylinder version. The 4 is quite capable. If they did it would probably be Chrysler’s new Pentastar engine though.

      You can get a diesel in the European version too.

  3. Tnhuntr

    Very underrated vehicles. Seems like with the more recent upgrades more people are realizing they are good to go. I am enjoying mine big-time! Not a Wrangler but nobody expects it to be. It has great ground clearance, 4WD lock, and good looks.

  4. Sheltie mom

    We bought a 2012 Patriot a year ago and I really like it, but it does have a major flaw. There are major blind spots on both sides, the mirrors are way too big, and the support posts for the windshield are too wide. Very difficult to see traffic coming from the right when you are at an intersection and are turning left. Also, unable to find Jeep rubber floor mats for it, for some reason they are not available. I haul my crated dogs in the back with the seats down, I can get two medium sized dog crates in the back, but I wish the rear seats folded flat instead there is an incline.

  5. Love my Patriot and ever since they revised the model. I’ve seen a ton of them all over town. Tell Jeep to keep the Patriot around and let it show it’s potential.

  6. New Jeep Owner

    I recently purchased a 2012 Patriot, after driving a Honda for the past 10 years.  I ONLY traded in the Honda because I was ready for something new, NOT because it had any mechanical issues.

    Not only am I beginning to doubt that this Jeep will last for 10 years, I wonder if it will last the 5 years it’s financed for.  Plastic bits of the seat have already broken off, and the windshield has some sort of marring that shows up when the glass gets wet.  I’m not feeling great about the fact that I have to take it in for repairs BEFORE I even have enough miles on it to schedule the first oil change! 

  7. Robert Kitchen

    I’m a 54year old disabled Vet. I have recently had both knees replaced. My biggest issue is getting in and out of a vehicle. I have test drove many vehicles over the summer and the Jeep Patriot is the easiest in and out for my size and weight. I was wandering why you have to pay extra for automatic and air on this vehicle. The normal so called extras add up to put it out of my reach. Living on fixed income and can’t handle clutch any more. Any body got a good used one cheep.

  8. Frank in Virginia

    Lift kit, bull bar and skid plates made my 2009 able to keep up with the Wranglers. Wish those were options on the 2013, I would trade up in a heartbeat!!

  9. Vicci Barr

    My Dad owneed many Jeeps while I was growing up, specifically, the Wagoneer and older cherokees. Great vehicles, will take a beating and still run like new!!! Love them, especially the older models. The first car I drove by myself.


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