Follow Your Compass and Beat the Summer Heat



In the middle of July, everyone’s searching for a way to beat the summer heat. If you’re looking to have some Jeep brand fun while you keep cool, why not let your Jeep® Compass be your guide? There’s still time to Go Anywhere, Do Anything® this summer, and your Compass can help take you there.


Roll down the windows in your Compass and take full advantage of all-natural air conditioning as you head out to your favorite remote beach area. Unlike at the public pool, there will be plenty of water to go around, and more than enough space to enjoy all nature has to offer.




Even if your favorite natural swimming spot happens to be a little way off the road, your Compass can help get you there. The Freedom Drive II® option helps your Compass handle all the slopes, sand and mud that you might encounter along the way. After all, you might as well enjoy the drive while you’re headed out to cool off, since the journey is half of the adventure.


Need even more motivation to find a great way to go cool off with your Compass? Think about all the crowds you’ll avoid by taking your Jeep brand vehicle along on your quick summer getaway. Not only will you be able to fit the whole family (yes, the dog, too) comfortably in your Compass, but by going off-road, you’ll be able to ditch the frustrating traffic jams. And don’t even get us started on the benefits of taking a road trip over flying.


Already have weekend plans to help you stay cool with your Jeep brand vehicle this summer? Let us know in the comments section below!

2 Responses to “Follow Your Compass and Beat the Summer Heat”

  1. Giuseppe Celeste

    Casa automobilistica di BASSISSIMO LIVELLO per non dire altro, in quanto
    ad assistenza alla clientela (che investe decine di migliaia di euro
    nei loro prodotti) e alla qualità dei prodotti venduti.
    Auto in mio
    possesso Jeep Compass 2012 dopo 48.000 km manicotti sostituiti 2 volte
    (1 per richiamo), da dicembre 2014 anomalia all’impianto di
    raffreddamento, aperta pratica di segnalazione il 7 gennaio, ad oggi
    (dopo 15 giorni) e dopo circa 10 chiamate nessuno si è degnato di darmi
    assistenza prendendomi in giro giorno dopo giorno.
    Forse trattandosi
    di auto difettosa progettata costruita o assemblata malissimo, nessuno
    si prende la responsabilità dell’errore, avendo la coscienza sporca?

    Non aquistate auto del marchio Jeep, consiglio spassionale, affidatevi a
    case costruttrici piu serie e affidabili come le tedesche.


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