The 2011 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Has Earned MotorWeek’s Respected Drivers’ Choice Award For Best Large Utility Vehicle

The 2011 Jeep® Grand Cherokee has earned MotorWeek’s respected Drivers’ Choice Award for Best Large Utility Vehicle

We’re starting to run out of room on the mantle for all the awards the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee is racking up. Most recently, we were thrilled to accept the 2011 MotorWeek Drivers’ Choice Award for Best Large Utility vehicle. This accolade joins the ranks of the Consumer’s Digest “Best Buy,” the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s “Top Safety Pick,” and Four Wheeler magazine’s “Four Wheeler of the Year,” just to name a few.

Considering we’ve been improving on our premium SUV model for nearly two decades, it’s no surprise that drivers prefer the ultimate combination of Jeep brand 4×4 capability and on-road refinement that the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee offers. And these days, who wouldn’t want a vehicle whose top performance also comes with improved fuel economy?

With all the success the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee has had, we can’t just pat ourselves on the back. We’ve got to thank our customers for recognizing the capability, efficiency, innovation and craftsmanship of our vehicles. We’re constantly thinking of improvements to our legendary brand, and we promise to keep ‘em coming.

44 Responses to “The 2011 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Has Earned MotorWeek’s Respected Drivers’ Choice Award For Best Large Utility Vehicle”

  1. I’ve been a jeep fan for a long looong time, particularly grand Cherokee, but I must say that I’m very disappointed with the 2011 model….it looks like the rest… A typical family van. I’m sorry but I think you ruined the jeep grand Cherokee. It looks like the others out there… Cheap and common. Too bad. There was a lack of imagination, so you guys just decided to copy the rest… Sad 🙁

    • Are you sure you’re looking at a Jeep? The new design stands out from the crowd with exterior and interior design as well as capability. They’re far from cheap and common – go test drive one.

    • You must be confused with some other vehicle. The 2011 Grand Cherokee is one of the best looking SUV’s on the road today. Jeep has hit a homerun with this vehicle. My only disappointment is that the fuel economy isn’t better. At close to $4 gallon in some areas, every gallon of gas counts these days.

    • If you think the 2011 Jeep looks “cheap & common” you are in the vast minority of people….Have you actually driven one? I’ve owned 4 Grand Cherokee’s since 1994 and the 2011 blows away any other Jeep I’ve owned or, for that fact, any Luxury SUV I’ve ever seen…Period!!!

      I have friends who drive luxury SUV’s from BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Acura, Cadillac, Lincoln and even Range Rover…When they see and drive in my 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited/Hemi, they have simply been blown away in disbelief at the level of styling, quality and luxury.

      When you factor what you would pay for most luxury SUV’s, you’re looking at $50 to $60K, or more for a comparably optioned competitor. My Limited stickered just over $42K and I got it for a hair over $38K, loaded, sans the adjustable suspension I never would have used, anyways.

      Bottom line, the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the finest SUV’s on the planet, especially for the money!!!

  2. I have a 2011 Overland and LOVE it. I live in the Northeast and it is everything I ever wanted. Luxury and power!

    BUT… recently I was shopping and opened the back door on the passenger side. A gust of wind caught the door and it over extended so far that it creased the door and cracked some of the paint and also creased the silver trim piece! I took it to Jeep service and they pretty much said- this happens. Oh sure…I can ride over a mountain, in the water and oof road anywhere but can’t open my door on a windy day?? It was windy but not THAT windy! I took it to a body shop and he agreed that it is a door hinge design flaw. Just an 1/8 inch difference would fix this design problem. I am pursuing this further with Jeep. If others experience this type of problem please report it to Jeep and file a claim. It will eventually be a recall I’m sure 🙂 For now…it’s a 900 body damage repair!

    • Robert_TX

      Type your comment here…Interesting…I purchsed a 2011 Grand Cherokee for my wife last year (first Jeep product for me) and, like you Sandy for the most part we absolutely love it.  But we’ve now had this same exact issue with the hyper-extension of the door hinge TWICE.  After the second incident, I opened a case with Chrysler to inform them of the issue as I received the same analysis from my body shop.  I was asked to take it to the dealer for digital photographs yesterday and was just informed a few minutes ago that the case has been “rejected” and to file it as an insurance claim (that’s insulting).  I agree, it will eventually end up as a recall but it looks like I’ll need to have the body shop jury rig some sort of safety strap or something to prevent this from happening again.  Think I’m going back to GM after I sell the Jeep.

  3. I absolutely enjoy my 2011 Cherokee Limited. Hopefully I’ll be able to use my iPhone 4 with UConnect and it will be perfect! Great job!

  4. After 10 years I’m still happily driving my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee…but, would trade it in a heartbeat for the 2011 version 🙂 LOVE the new design and features!

  5. I LOVE my new 2011 Grand Cherokee Overland. The new design is a much welcomed and much needed improvement. It looks so refined and modern, yet keeps its sense of ruggedness and ability. The interior is ridiculously nice. This morning it snowed and I used the remote start. Little did I know, it automatically turned on the heated seats, heated steering wheel and defrost. I didn’t have to do anything but get in a drive. I love my Jeep!

  6. Wow I love the look of the new Grand Cherokee. I have a 2007 Jeep Commander Overland and I love it but I would love something new. I hope Jeep redesigns the Commander.

    • The Commander is discontinued…The new GC is vastly bigger than the old GC’s, in many ways.

      Most importantly, the rear seat has plenty of legroom and is comfortable for passengers of any size to sit comfortably in. The old GC’s had horrible legroom, unless the front seats were moved forward for shorter people.

  7. Gary Ruddell

    2 wranglers, 2 Liberty’s, 3 Grand Cherokees, yes I am and we are a Jeep family and always will be. I will be picking up a 2012 Grand Cherokee, my 2007 will be given to my girlfriend who never owned a Jeep, but once she started driving it I cant get it away from her, She had never been off roading before, Jeep turned my city girl into a back woods bomber, Jeep made my girlfriend even better. Thanks Jeep for fantastic products, and improving my love life. 🙂

  8. Just rented a Jeep from Avis and had an unusual problem.
    Here is my note to Avis:

    I want to call your attention to a previously unknown problem you may want to address.

    This concerns incompatibility of the standard Avis keychain and the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

    The Jeep comes with two keys, two large electronic key fobs, and a plastic Avis identifier, all strung on a coated wire that is permanently joined. The wire holder is fairly short. The contents are fairly big. This means that they do not go into a pocket without forceful folding.

    The holes in the key fobs are quite tiny and just barely fit the Avis wire holder. There is no room for the fobs to move around. This means the keys lay out like a 6-inch star with contents pointing in every direction. It has to be folded to fit in a pocket.

    My keychain came with a kink where it had been folded. After the first day of use, several little wires became exposed at the kink. These poked through my pocket and into my leg drawing blood on several occasions. I also reached into my pocket three times for keys and poked a hole in my fingertip.

    Exasperated, I bought a new keychain and cut the old one. Ah, but the holes on the Jeep key fobs are too small to fit on a standard keychain. The best I could do was use two twist ties from the grocery store, and they are almost too big to fit.

    I reported this on check in, but I doubt the Avis rep grasped the problem.

    • And your point is what ? ? ?

      Your issue has nothing to do with Jeep, so go complain about Key Fobs on the Avis blog.

    • Type your comment here…seriously  avis has not mattered since the days of o.j. simpson.  this is totally not the correct place to complain.


      I believe Odis posted his “Avis” issue here because “the holes on the Jeep key fobs are too small to fit on a standard keychain.” You need to read the whole post to see the big picture PMC & titan.

      Odis, thanks for the heads up.

      I’m considering purchasing my first JEEP & first American made automobile. Just about every review I’ve found on the 2011/2012 JGC have been positive, which is good to hear. I’m that much closer to deciding to purchase a JGC.
      What I’d really like to know is if the new V8 engine technology REALLY save on fuel economy and mileage when the engine shuts off 4 cylinders. Anyone know anything about this and if it truly make a noticeable difference?

  9. love my 2007 Jeep GC with Hemi…looking at 2011….v6 or v8? any insight?

    • If you’re worried about fuel economy…Get the V6.

      If you like gobs of smooth power…Get the Hemi!

      I have a 2011 GC Limited with the Hemi and I have about 4500 miles on it, so it’s not broken in yet. I have never reset the mileage on the computer…Up until last week the computer said I was getting about 14.2 MPG combined, but that was definitely more city than highway.

      Well, with fuel prices going up, I’ve lightened up on the foot and last weekend I took a 100 mile round trip on the highway, set the cruise at 68mph and now the computer says I am at 17MPG combined.

      I’ve owned 4 Jeeps, all V8’s…The first two were 1994 & 1998 with the 5.2L and they averaged 15.4 MPG combined, no matter how I drove ’em. My 2004 with the 4.7 V8 averaged 17.2 MPG, no matter how I drove it. It remains to be seen what my 2011 will average out to, but I suspect it will be between 16 & 17 MPG, slightly less than my last Jeep.

      The reality is, the V6 get’s better highway mileage, but most people will probably average out about 18+ MPG with combined City & Highway. In other words, you’ll get a couple of MPG more than the V8. The V6 is probably suitable for most people and will yield the best mileage.

  10. Jose Omar Aquino

    i need a set of 2011 20″ rims
    call me at 809 850 3548

  11. What I dislike about theses new grand Cherokees since 2005 and onwards is that they first lost that uniquely classy and almost timeless grand Cherokee look. They went from that to the previously BOX-CUT-OUT look kind of like the scion and it’s likes. Now they have this almost good looking style for 2011 (and onwards I believe) and the front view looks sleek but that rear look kind of still looks like a they are copying from other companies. It isn’t a unique grand Cherokee look anymore. I will continue to hold unto my 2000 Grand Cherokee until to see if they find their way back to a classic unique look, but just a tad bit modernized. Does anyone else feel this here?

  12. Dale G.

    Love my ’11 Larado 4X4. It is a complete joy to drive.

  13. I think this jeep is amazing, its probably one of the best new designs that are out right now.  simply amazing interior and exterior

  14. I leased my 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee at the end of April, I can say what a disapointment this SUV has been. I have been to my dealer East Hills Jeep 5 times already. This SUV is junk. I have had water leakage, black and blue smoke from exhaust, front and back windows replaced. I have also submitted 3 complaints to Jeep about the street tires that came with my Trail Rated Jeep which the sticker states On/Off road tires which they are not.
    I get a new car every 3 years this is my first and definitley my last Jeep product. Jeep customer Service is a joke. They have stated that the tires on my Jeep are Trail Rated and is what supposed to be on truck. I do not think so touring tires are not On/Off road tires.
    East Hills Jeep never have any loaner cars even though they tell you they will when you drop Junk I mean car off. I have waited an average of 4 hours at a time for my car. They also damaged my car while in service and had to bring it to an Auto Body shop for repair. And in a few years when my lease is up wonder what they will say when I go back to GM or Toyota.

  15. Well done its looks fantastic at a realistic price.a nice jeep for jeep lover.. with its strong looks

  16. I have 2011 Grand Cherokee limited, I bought it 3 months ago From Bahrain agent, and since then I have been going back and forth to the dealer for a vibration problem.
    The dealer first said it is a tire problem, and changed 2 tires for me, then changed all the 4, and the problem still exists. I bought the car because I loved my previous 2002 limited, and  loved the shape and the luxury of the new one, but I am very disappointed right now, and really hope someone from Chrysler HDQ can reply with a good solution for this problem!!

  17. I have 2011 Grand Cherokee overland 1 week with other ++ accessories!!!! i Love this car is amazing and i want to drive every day every time every sec!!!!

  18. Be careful about getting the GC with air suspension. I special ordered an Overland in September 2010, received it at the end of January 2011 and within about two months the air suspension went out. Very unsafe driving. Took it to the dealer, they thought they fixed it, but it went out again a couple weeks later. I have now taken it back to the dealer 7 times for this problem and they cannot fix it. And I don’t even take it in every time it goes out. Most of the time it corrects itself if I leave it parked overnight or for an extended period. I only have 8,000 miles on it and the suspension goes out pretty much every time it rains. Good thing I only live in OREGON! Unbelievably frustrating to have happen on a $50K auto.

    • Thanks for your feedback but how to be careful.. Maybe some we have this problem maybe not…
      I do not use much I have to automatic and do not tease, Maybe I use it in rare rides off road
      I am sorry for this problem chris…

  19. Thanks for your feedback but how to be careful.. Maybe some we have this problem maybe not…

    I do not use much I have to automatic and do not tease, Maybe I use it in rare rides off road

    I am sorry for this problem chris… 🙁

  20. We just bought a 2012 Grand Cherokee Overland and after owning it for 2 days, the door over extended due to a gush of wind, 20 mph. It ding itself which resulted a noticeable creased on the door. The door hit the front side fender. We always owned GM cars and never had issues with the doors. This is our 1st Chrysler car and we are disappointed. I believe there a design flaw, the door hinge should have high tolerance for that kind of force. It’s not like there was storm or tornado. We called Chrysler and created a case number for it but it’s probably going to get rejected just like Robert. I am pretty sure it’s going to happen again because the way the door is designed. We might take it to a body shop and have them install straps on the doors to prevent it from happening again. We are stuck with this car for few years.
    Another issue we noticed, the driver seat belt clip was installed backwards but we able to fixed it ourselves. The garage remote is broken, 2nd button kept getting stucked. The dealership ordered a new parts for it. We are concern what other problems we are going to face in the future with this car. I think this is the first and last Chrysler car for us.

    • Robert_TX

      Sorry to hear you’ve had multiple issues with your Overland, Wallie.  Honestly, the only problem we’ve had to date is the hyper-extension of the driver’s door (twice–I already had it repaired out of my own pocket the first time thinking it was an isolated incident).  To be fair to Chrysler, one of the reasons I bought the Jeep was due to a very positive experience in owning a new 2001 Durango (which I sold last year).  I just hope Chrysler takes these incidents seriously, independently validates whether there are design issues, and then takes the appropriate steps–like any responsible company–to fix them.

    • There should be a fuse you can take out smcapleoe inside the unit. Careful! Some are involved in your computer onboard. Would maybe make it run like crap.

  21. Just got a 12 Overland 5.7. I am so disappointed with the performance. It has no throttle response and shakes when going up hills. Long upgrades require 4th gear to maintain 60. This is ridiculous for a vehicle with 390ft/lb torque.This should pass on the highway with ease but it shudders. Dealer is trying to say it is normal. No problem noted on the computer. Reflash to no avail. Going back for 3rd time tomorrow. I’ll pay them to take it off my hands. For a vehicle that costs this much with this much power the performance is terrible. My 5th jeep and my last.

  22. Owen Duggan

    Do any of you guys have trouble, with your 2011 jeep grand cherokee, not starting and no cods.

  23. My brother suggested I might like this website. He was entirely right. This put up truly made my day. You cann’t imagine just how much time I had spent for this information! Thank you!

  24. I have searched for the answer to this question but cannot find it. On the radio display (top right corner) appears an icon which looks like three successive jeep silhouettes, Can any one tell me what these mean? I’m pretty sure they used to be yellow-white in colour but are now orange. Help??

  25. 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee won’t start. Have about 47,000 miles on it. Cranks but won’t start with the button. With remote start cranks and barely runs a few seconds and dies. Anyone had this issue? Thanks.

  26. Can someone help:
    I’m on my second Jeep now just picked up a 2011 Lerado Do they come with two key fobs or just on the dealer is saying he’s looking for it but still have not heard anything. My first Jeep was a 1999 grand limited I received two keys then so I am wondering why I didn’t get two keys. what should I do?

  27. speaks

    I have searched for the answer to this question but cannot find it. On
    the radio display (top right corner) appears an icon which looks like
    three successive jeep silhouettes, Can any one tell me what these mean?
    I’m pretty sure they used to be yellow-white in colour but are now
    orange. Help??

  28. speaks

    I have purchased a used 2011 jeep grand Cherokee. When i start the vehicle using the faub(s), the dash displays Key Damaged. Why is this and how do I fix it? (Both key/faubs do this on occasion.) I thought the battery may need to be replaced, so I did so on one of the faubs and this did not help. The faub does work sometimes, but not always and I’m afraid I’ll get stranded somewhere with it. Do these faubs need to be programed by a dealer or is there a way I can do it myself. Is this even the problem?


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