Six Ways to Customize your 2014 Jeep® Cherokee with Mopar Accessories



Can’t wait to get your new 2014 Jeep® Cherokee out on the trails when the weather warms up? We don’t blame you. While you’re waiting for Old Man Winter to finally move out, spend some time adding a few Mopar accessories to your Cherokee that’ll be great to put to the test this summer.

All-Weather Slush Mats

The snowy season may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean the outdoor slush and mud will stop anytime soon. Protect the interior of your 2014 Cherokee with these slush mats.

Jeep® Cargo Management System

Keep all your gear organized and ready to go with this cargo management system in the back of your 2014 Jeep Cherokee.

Door Sill Guards

Add these guards to the interior of your 2014 Jeep Cherokee to help protect your vehicle from the wear and tear of your everyday adventures.

Front Stabilizer Bar and Rear Stabilizer Bar

Thinking about modifying the suspension on your 2014 Jeep Cherokee? Adding stabilizer bars to your vehicle can help reduce the sway of your vehicle during a tight turn.

Rock Rails

With Mopar rock rails, you can explore the toughest trails with confidence. These rails run along the side of your vehicle to help protect it from any obstacles you may encounter during your off-road excursions.

Removable Roof Rack

Need a little extra storage space on your next adventure? Add this Thule roof rack to the roof of your 2014 Jeep Cherokee to help haul all your extra luggage and equipment.

Have you already added a few Mopar accessories to your 2014 Jeep Cherokee? Let us know which parts you love in the comments section below!

6 Responses to “Six Ways to Customize your 2014 Jeep® Cherokee with Mopar Accessories”

  1. Just put a roof rack on my 2014 Compass….pain in the rear!!! I’d check out other brands and only buy the Mopar one as a last resort!!!

  2. Tim Newis

    What about Adventurer/Dakar Accessories and Trim for the 2014 Cherokee? It’s impossible to find these items in the Mopar online catalogue and although I’m not going to be hacking my wheel arches there’s some nice looking trim items that would make my Bright White Trailhawk pop.

  3. lanimae

    I’ve gotten used to the front end, sort of. The rails sound like just the thing everyone should have on as standard. Looking forward to my drive. Love to Di (gaycarboys)

  4. Peter Kane

    anyone knows if it’s possible to put 18in tires on the 2014 Cherokee ? also,is it possible to get a GPS on the original dash 8.4 screen without paying 5 grant ?

    • Josip

      Yes you can go to a jeep dealer for the gps in ur dash. It will cost 795 though.

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