Seek an Adventure with the Jeep® Brand


By now, you’ve probably heard plenty of things about the 2014 Jeep® Cherokee.  You may even have participated in the Cherokee Live Chat we hosted last week to answer all your questions. Now we’re giving you a chance to win this brand-new vehicle.

In our Seek an Adventure program, we’ve hidden two vehicles in four different images for you to find. You’ll have to zoom in and search around each image in order to find the vehicles. Once you find the first one, you’ll be able to register for your chance to win a vehicle. Each vehicle found counts as one entry toward a 2014 Jeep Cherokee, for a total of eight possible entries.



New images will become available on 12/16, 12/30, and 1/13. Make sure you’re checking back on those days to find the new hidden vehicles. Remember, the more vehicles you find, the more chances you have to win a 2014 Cherokee.

The 2014 Jeep Cherokee embodies the spirit of adventure. Whether you’re about to embark on the trip of a lifetime or an afternoon getaway, the Cherokee is there to help you along the way. Seek your adventure today for your chance to be driving an all-new Cherokee. Enter Seek an Adventure here.


13 Responses to “Seek an Adventure with the Jeep® Brand”

  1. Tony Yates

    Please advise. I have tried and tried to enter the “Seek an Adventure” contest, I’ve read the direction and the official rules several times and I cannot get aboard. I get to the Photo of the 1st location and I can DO Nothing after that, please tell me where I’m screwing up. Cordially, Tony Yates

    • Corinne Larimore

      So have I and I’m about ready to give up as no matter what I do, I can’t find any pictures that a jeep is hidden in?????

  2. David Larson

    The photographer must be standing on the road because we all know the new Cherokee wouldn’t have made it any farther off pavement.

    • no offence buddy but i have already taken this thing on the snowfilled offroad tracks .. couldnt imagine any other vehicle going there .. had a rav4 earlier

  3. hey guyss !! i bought the new cherokee 2014 trailhawk …its simply awesome both in terms of looks and driving stability .. one quick question, my rear washer turns on by itself for like 5 secs whenever i turn on the car ?? is that some feature or some feature ?? if not then how do i reset the system just in case there is a malfunction

    • It was actually the clock spring which when replaced, works fine .thanks

    • Brandon Vinyard

      I hate you because you were able to buy one lmao jk. I finally got to look at a trailhawk last week. I was wanting a limited but after seeing the trailhawk that is the way i want to go. congrats

    • Hahhahah thanks brandon.. seriosly this thing is sick.. I am loving it every damn passing minute. Its litrally growing over me.. yes ur right trailhawk version is like an added sex appeal to the limited :p. Go grab it and share with us ur moments.. adios

  4. Suzanne Cleary Drews

    Wish there was someone who could answer a question about the contest — I’ve called and they had to research it but as nice as some of them were, they really couldn’t give any clear direction. I told them there’s no private area to message on FB and on the posts, all people want to do there is give compliments or complain and Jeep doesn’t respond to any of them. I just need answers to this contest. thank you

  5. Guys I had the clock spring changed for my 2014 cherokee coz of the rear washer.. its fixed now. The only thing is the odometer counter seems to blink now. To my understanding the system has detected a new component (clock spring) and needs to be acknowledged. Could anybody help in this regard ?

  6. Dave Wagner

    Love my new 2014 Jeep Cherokee Latitude, tried to get her stuck just couldn’t 20″ of water, dry inside, Clay and 13″ of snow wouldn’t stop it even with street tires. Climbs like a mountain goat.


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