A Look back at the Jeep® CJ-8 Scrambler (1981-85)


2011 08 08 100216 494x393 A Look back at the Jeep® CJ 8 Scrambler (1981 85) vintage offroad Off roading Jeep heritage CJ 9 Scrambler capability 4x4  models heritage  photo

We never really intended for any of our models to become collectibles, but we have to admit it’s a great feeling when they do.  Such is the case with the Scrambler, a model known internally as the CJ-8 and made for just four years in the early ‘80s (1981-1985). Less than 30,000 vehicles were ever made and today, this rarity certainly helps its popularity among collectors.


The Scrambler was basically a longer-wheelbase pickup version of the popular CJ-7, and was AMC’s answer to cries for a replacement to the longer CJ-6 model that ended production in 1975. It was also intended to compete with the influx of mini-pickups coming from Japan at the time. Available in both hard-top and soft-top versions, the Scrambler featured an extended rear overhang for extra cargo space. Interestingly, the Scrambler was modified as an insulated panel-delivery vehicle for the Alaskan postal service, as well as a steel hard-top version made for the Australian market.


This is just another cool model from our past that we’re featuring in honor of our 70th anniversary.  Stay glued to blog.jeep.com to see them all, along with all the other great stuff we’ll be sharing this year.


  • Kenneth Ruscoe

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  • Kenneth Ruscoe

    wish jeep still made cj-8 model  because i kenneth wold love to own-one in 2011   keep up good work  please return  the cj-8–scrambler???????

  • http://www.cj-8.com matt donaghy

    We likey! Check out the scrambler cult like following at cj-8.com.