9 Absolutely Filthy Jeep® Vehicles

Where did they go?

Photo by Flickr user Charlie Bird

The best accessory you can possibly add to any Jeep® vehicle is mud. The filthier, the better. It’s a badge of honor that, when you’re getting ready to hose down your vehicle at the end of the day, says, “Was that fun or what?”


We’ve collected some of our favorite mud-covered vehicle photographs from around the web. Think you have even filthier photos? Share ‘em in the comments below.


Photo by Flickr user kee_xj

shook bluff hunting club

Photo by Flickr user robert thigpen

9 Absolutely Filthy Jeep® Vehicles

Photo by Facebook fan Janet Fairclough

Adventure in Serra Negra 2009

Photo by Flickr user Wagner T. Cassimiro “Aranha”


Photo by Flickr user kee_xj

Extreme Sportz - Rally

Photo by Flickr user Leonardo Pallotta

Wet Jeeps

Photo by Flickr user Vince LoPresti

3 Responses to “9 Absolutely Filthy Jeep® Vehicles”

  1. There is this thing about mud and Jeeps that is just so irresistible ,it like an assurance at the end of the day the you really have been having lots of fun.This two are just inseparable

  2. A Jeep in the mud is a nice way to showcase how well it can function. The more you drive on rough terrains the better performance you get. I enjoy the rough road and mud once in a while.


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