2011 Jeep® Anniversary Editions

There’s a good chance that many of you readers already know, but we just have to brag: 2011 marks the 70th anniversary of the Jeep® brand. That’s right, we’ve been making these iconic vehicles for seven decades, ever since the early days of when Jeep vehicles were in action on World War II battlefields. We think Jeep Brand President and CEO, Mike Manley best described our vehicles when he said, “Since they were first produced in 1941, Jeep vehicles have been the authentic benchmark for off-road capability, having mastered more terrain, led more adventures and provided drivers more freedom than any other vehicle before or since.” Yep, that about sums it up.
Of course we’re going to celebrate this momentous milestone. In our Jan. 10 press release, we announced the addition of the Limited 70th Anniversary Edition models. Here’s a quick run-down of what you can expect from us by this spring, model by model.

Starting with the Jeep Patriot, the 70th Anniversary Edition builds on the Latitude X model by adding bespoke 17-inch wheels and a custom interior. This new cabin features a Dark Green cluster overlay, Dark Slate seats, Berber floor mats and tasteful Chestnut accents and stitching throughout. Like every other 70th Anniversary Edition we’re creating, it will of course, sport unique badging inside and out to show off the limited trim.

Next up is the Jeep Compass Limited. This 70th Anniversary Edition packageoffers a similar list of added features to the Patriot, although the 18-inch aluminum wheels are unique to the Compass model.

The Jeep Liberty 70th Anniversary Edition keeps with the same style and additional premium accents, and is available on both Liberty Sport and Limited models. The new Liberty model also comes with unique exterior features, including bright body-side molding, roof rails and license plate brow, as well as a few extra interior goodies.

The Jeep vehicle lineup isn’t complete without mentioning the world’s most recognizable off-roader, the Wrangler, which gets its own celebration version –the Jeep Wrangler 70th Anniversary Edition. The Anniversary Edition includes similar features to the models above as well as a few added satin chrome accents and Mopar brushed aluminum sill plates.
Last but not least is the Jeep Grand Cherokee 70th Anniversary Edition model (based on the Laredo X). Our flagship SUV sports 20-inch polished aluminum wheels and a host of unique trim features inside. Featuring a two-tone color scheme of Dark Olive and Chestnut, the new interior is simply stunning. We can easily say that this model is our classiest creation to date.

In addition to the limited editions, the entire lineup is improved for 2011, with increased build quality, materials and features from the Patriot all the way up the Grand Cherokee. The Patriot packs a new sophisticated design for 2011, while the Wrangler gets an all-new interior and a body color hardtop.


Bottom line is that this year is going to be an exciting for the Jeep brand, full of great news for our fullline of rugged vehicles.
So definitely keep yourself parked right here on this page, to stay on top of the fun and information.
Finally, we’d like to give a huge thank you to all our fans out there. Your support has been integral to keeping the dream alive for so long, and for making us what we are today!

48 Responses to “2011 Jeep® Anniversary Editions”

  1. Scott’s right.. boy you scared me for a moment.. I thought you were going BACK to the old cartoonish front-end!

  2. Helen B.

    Why is Jeep making the vehicle that is most reviled by those to the brand (Compass) and making it look like it’s flagship vehicle (Grand)? Is brand dilution and degradation the goal?
    Please axe the Compass and give us the Gladiator styled Pick-Up. Also, push more diesel and EV. Thanks.

  3. Monika B

    To me, Jeep has done an outstanding job, not only now but all through the years. I have a 1996 Grand Cherokee Ltd. I love her even though she is getting older. The only vehicle I would get is another Grand Cherokee Ltd. The new one is outstanding, fantastic job Jeep. You Rock.

  4. It’s time for some more diesel options, and a JK/Gladiator/JT pickup truck. If this is Jeep PR listening, these are your potential customers talking. Don’t be stupid, listen to us. We know what we want.

    • I agree tek!! I drool at the idea of a new release of the old style’s without changing everything that worked that made us love Jeep in the first place.

  5. I have two issues. One: since when did Jeep become a luxery vehicle? Two: Wranglers should not be a four door vehicle.

    • The 4 door Wrangler was a perfect idea. It suits many needs. And Jeeps have been luxury since the Late 70s. Anyone that had big money in the 70s and 80s drove Grand Wagoneers. The Grand Wagoneer was the first luxury SUV! Go back and have a look at the 80s model Cherokee Limiteds. They were top of the line for the times, and the Grand Cherokee Limiteds, Orvis, 5.9 Limiteds, and Overlands have continued on with Jeep luxury.

    • I concur! As far as I’m concerned, real Wranglers don’t have 4 doors.

    • ErnestGoesToWrangler

      Have you ever tried to get into the back seat of the new Wrangler ? They lost the fold and tumble front seat, I don’t know why. Without 4 doors, a Wrangler is a 2 person vehicle only.

    • Whether people like it or not, I think the 4 dr Unlimited JK is here to stay. Its one of the most popular selling models jeep has! People are really holdign on to this “real jeeps have two doors” thing for too long. I recently in an off road Jeep based magizene that the 4 door JK is really earned its place, they say that out of the box, unmodified it is one of the most capable Jeeps ever built. And modified, like mine, Click on my site to the left, it is extremely capable. Guys its not like they quite making the 2 door version, so get over it already. I’ve had 2 doors, 4 doors, CJ’ s, XJ’s and hands down the JK Unlimited has been my most capable, FUN, practical, safe vehicle I’ve owned.
      I believe they got rid of the fold and tumble front seat due to the sensors under the seat that tell the air bag to engage or turn off based for either an adult or kid.
      I have personally taken my 4 door and seen others in 4 doors do rediculiously technical and impressive off roading and crawling. I just talked with a local club leader who has a both comparativly modified JK and a TJ and I asked him which he felt was better, he said that he can take his JK places his big bad TJ wouldnt go. And I’m not knocking the TJ’ s, I love them. Just saying that the JK Unlimited is amazing, yes it has its flaws as they all do, but its a great rig. You can check out my mods to the left, click on the link, let me know what you think, friend me and post comments on my Facebook page! Look for AMERICAN ADVENTURE VEHICLE on facebook. join the AAV Army! Long live JEEP, I’m a Jeep fan for life, I have never had so much fun with a vehicle as I have had with my Jeeps. I believe the JK Unlimited is here to stay!

  6. Helen B.

    @Robert What is your specific issue with the Wrangler unlimited? It’s my next planned Jeep purchase (after the engine upgrade). It seems much more practical (with an adult usable backseat) than the two door and much more capable than the other midsized Jeep offerings. For many of us the 2 door is useless except as an ORV toy.

  7. RichieRich

    You’d think they’d put the Pentastar in the 70th Wrangler…all they got to show for the big 70th = a new color! LOL My Dealer’s lot is backing up as we’re all passing on the weak/feeble 2011 3.8’s…waiting for the new engine. I mean…I’d like to pass SOMETHING – a Geo Metro – ANYTHING – on the highway!?!? LOL

  8. Bill Henderson

    all your go to the mall cars are sweet for our grand parents now how about a GLADIATOR or a JT or THE 715 thats what we need not copies of all the others made for hauling groceries home

    • Love it bill!!! Why has Jeep not figured this stuff out yet?! We true blue Jeep lovers want our old Jeep’s back that is ready to off road straight of the dealer floor! What heck Jeep??? Please hear our plees!

  9. @ Helen I understand the need for a daily runner something to take the kids and family around in and do the shopping in. That’s not what the Wrangler was supposed to be. The wrangler was for the kids that never grew out of playing with Tonkas the ones that still love splashing in rain puddles (even if they are six feet deep and filled with mud). If you need a daily runner get the grand or liberty types, and give us back our rugged, needs to be covered in dirty Wranglers and Rubicons, with only two doors that pop off with ease and a soft top for those great warm wind in your hair mud in your teeth days. Oh and Bill I will gladly kiss the feet of the Jeep Gods if they bring back the 715, until then I will keep playing with my Wrangler.

  10. Although the new look for Jeep is appealing to the innercity folk who want to look like they do some sort of off road, the “real” Jeep drivers who utalize the Jeep for it’s intended purpose would love to see the off raod capability of the older Jeeps.Maybe even a straight 6 every once in a while would be great.God forbid maybe even a diesel would make me fell like I have stepped into some sort of fantasy world.
    In short, the “new” Jeep is pretty but not utilitarian. We real jeep lovers want something we can really use like the Rubicon,old CJ series,or the straight 6 Grand Cherokee. I say go back to the old ways because we lovers would pay the extra money for a GREAT Jeep not a Jeep with leather seats and fancy trimming.

  11. I too would buy a Jeep pickup, when they showed the gladiator I was about to start saving up only to see it never hit production and continue to be a concept.

  12. Bob Potter

    The newest Jeeps have been invaded by Chrysler styling while minimally maintaining the copyrighted Jeep Grill on certain models. I, too, got excited to see a return to the pick up line may be in the future, and that is what I will wait for. Put engineering in priority, not eminities. I would rather have skid plates that don’t have to be upgraded to aftermarket. It would be wonderful for Jeep to actually inspire the aftermarketeers as opposed to creating revenue streams for them.

  13. dumb jeep owner

    Well with the comments made by Mr. Marchinne in reference to the Jeep Commanders “That car was unfit for human consumption, We sold some, but I don’t know why people bought them.”. I feel it says alot about the brand and how they feel and care for their customers. I take the comment as a personal insult since I was apperently ignorant enough to buy a 2010 $44k Jeep Commander. Jeep apperently doesnt care about there products or customers, they jst waht the money. Pot smoking employees now this, buy a Xterra or pathfinder. They are better and their CEO cares!

    • Inbetween my Cherokee and my JK I thought I’d try the Xterra thing out…. I mildly modded it, it looked pretty tough, but that thing was a peice of junk, it was 2002 and at 30,000 miles was in for repairs and wiring harness’s going bad for the second time already, and they would just replace it with the same defective part again. It was having rust bubbles pop up a several spots, junk….. We nick named it the Crapterra! I love my JK soooo much more then the old Crapterra, I sold it with like 42,000 miles.

  14. Scott Miles

    For the Gladiator lovers, here’s a quote from Marchionne: http://blogs.insideline.com/straightline/2011/01/2011-detroit-auto-show-one-minivan-for-dodge-jeep-truck-in-the-future-grand-wagoneer-for-2013-sergio-lets-fly-at-det.html#more

    I too have one of the so-called POS Commanders and love it. I would be very interested in the truck. I love Jeep and love trucks. Marry the two and VOILA!.

    I hear what the “die-hards” are saying about the 4-door, but Jeep does hear you and that’s why they still offer the 2-door. It’s like you’re saying that if you want a 4-door, get a Liberty or GC. So, I’m not allowed to have everything in a Wrangler with two doors attached?

    I get dirty in the Commander, nothing hardcore, but a few white knuckle passes. I haven’t grown up enough to not want a Jeep, but my life has changed to where I need more room. That’s why Jeep made the 4-door to begin with. You still have your 2-door option. A diesel won’t happen anytime soon IMO. The CRD was great, but it was too expensive and wouldn’t clear upcoming regulations. But if anybody can do it, it’ll be Marchionne.

  15. I am really antisapating a Hybrid Jeep Wrangler 4 door or a Diesel engine version. In the Philippines they have a Jeep Commander 3.0 CRD V6 Diesel 4X4 5 speed Automatic, 215bhp, 376 in torque. I would really be interested in getting that engine in a Wrangler Rubicon 4dr Unlimited

  16. In the Philippine I have a 1972 AMC Jeep Commando, I have an Isuzu Diesel 4 cylinder engine in it, I use Bio diesel and I only go through one tank a month driving every day to work. Compared to my car with almost the same size engine but gas. I have to fill up two sometimes three times a month. I would buy 100% diesel if Jeep made it here in the US.

  17. Bill. I too am counting down to the 2012 Rubicon Wrangler with the Pentastar, 4 door, manual transmission…Hard driving by the dealers seeing all those NEW 2010’s with money burning a hole in my pockets.

  18. I was able to find out that the Diesel engine in the Jeep Commander in Asia is powered by Mercedes.

  19. thought i heard marchionne about giving the thumbs up for both a jeep pickup (dealt with the pesky dodge and ram truck folks) and a grand commandeer?

  20. marcella

    Has anyone found it hard to fill up your gas tank on 2011 jeep compass. I fine out the nozzle on gas pumps have a hard time fitting in. An i can not get a full tank of gas. Its new add still being broken in an the gas mileage i am still waiting to see:( I have the 4×4. 4cyle. 2.4 An answers will be help full.

  21. windtech88

    i have one question to who owns a jeep wrangler, on my jeep there are 2 dentsin the same spot on both sides its right infront of the driver and passanger door there is a square piece of metal. no sure if it happened when i took the doors off or just when i opened the doors? if anyone knows anything about this please let me know.

    • Hello  Very common!   When removing the doors and you unclip the electrical harness, and then remove the loop that keeps the doors from swinging open to far, once those two are removed the door is free to swing all the way forward and the side view mirrors dent those panels.  Alot of people have done the very same thing.  I have some custom cut decals that may help hide the dents.  Check out mine in the pics. Click on my name on the left.

  22. Hey Jeep do us all a favor and drop the Compass and bring back the Cherokee.

    I would say the Jeep lineup should look like this
    Grand Cherokee
    and a truck of some sort
    all with diesel options of course

    That is all we need

  23. Angeliea

    I have always loved Jeeps! I’ve had 2 Sports and one Limited and now a Commander. I’m disappointed that you guys decided to discontinue the Commander. I have a family of 6 and we ride comfy in my Commander & I would have upgraded to a newer model but, I don’t have that option now. To be honest I have not found another vehicle that compliments my personality & accommodates my family. I’m not a mini van person, I don’t like cross overs, so that would leave only the larger SUV that have horrible gas mileage!

  24. Brian

    Build the Jeep JT truck, before I have to buy another Ranger

  25. Sooo glad they are coming out with a truck body!  I cant wait to set one up as the ultimate AMERICAN ADVENTURE VEHICLE.  I’m sure many of the JK parts will bolt up easily.  Jeeps really are great family vehicles.  We just took our lifted JK unlimited on a 14 hour drive down to the Outer Banks with the family.  And even with its under powered 3.8L its scooted us down the turnpike with ease.  I am excited for the Pentastar.  We may have to sell the AAVparts.com JK and build up a Pentastar in a few years.   

  26. BennyG

    Over the past years I have been the owner of 1) Jeep Wrangler CJ5 , 2) Jeep Liberty , 3) Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo to this day. I am about to change my 2000 Laredo for new wheels , & guess what I am planing to buy? At the moment I am inbetween @ Grand Cherokee Limited or a Commander. I just might wait to see if something NEW comes around for 2012 like Gladiator or a 4 dr Pickup with the works. For the moment I am working on my Laredo by taking out the spare tire and turning that area into a third row seating area. The spare is getting hooked uo to the back door like a Wrangler. It will be DIFFERENT.

  27. Skinny

    I’ve got a 1967gladiator completly restored. Bought it new. Drive it every day..

  28. Does anyone know how many 70th anniversary liberty’s were made? Just wanna know how special i am lol

    • I have a Liberty 70th too! I had the special airplane coating put on & special stripeing put on to match the seats. Also had a remote that open & closes my roof & wiindows!!! Bronze color loaded!! I also had a 2008 Liberty

  29. I am a 60 year old woman who bought a 2011 Wrangler 70th anniversary edition 2 door 6 speed manual in black . With the 18 inch rims that i havent seen on any other jeep which are the nicest i have ever seen. This is my 3rd Wrangler but the smartest looking i have ever seen. Every time i park it someone always comments or asks about it. Its probably because i have the windows so dark tinted that when i open the door to get out their not expecting an older woman to be driving it. I love my JEEP….

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