This Month in Jeep® Brand History | September



From military vehicles to Jeep® Jamboree events, understanding your past is essential for driving forward with conviction… and what better season than autumn to look back with nostalgia at the good old days? For the Jeep® brand, we’ve seen our fair share of history in September.


Here’s where we’ve been:


The first Bantam Jeep vehicle was completed on September 21, 1940. After completion, the prototype was put through rigorous tests before it eventually became one of the most iconic military vehicles of its time.


Flash forward nearly 70 years, and the Jeep J8 was introduced on September 13, 2007, at the Defence Systems & Equipment International trade show. Based on the Jeep Wrangler, this unarmored military vehicle was produced in Egypt, and featured heavy-duty rear leaf springs and a hood-mounted snorkel for water and sand storms, among other upgrades.


These two vehicles, of course, are part of a long, storied history of Jeep brand vehicles and the military. To learn more, check out The Jeep Brand’s Role in World War II.


Equally ingrained in Jeep brand lore are the iconic Jeep Jamboree USA events. On September 21, 2012, Jeep Jamboree USA hosted the Second Annual Laurel Highlands Jeep Jamboree on Southwestern Pennsylvania’s 2,000-acre Nemacolin Woodlands Resort grounds. Old and new models alike converged to take on the hills and the mud. Here’s the recap from the Jeep Blog: Second Laurel Highlands Jeep Jamboree (Photos).


Now that we know where we’ve been, where are we headed this September? Hopefully somewhere off-road. 


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