The Jeep® Brand Vehicles Your Grandparents Used to Drive



If you’ve been around Jeep® brand vehicles since before you could drive, there’s a good chance your love for the brand was passed down through your family by your grandparents. Or maybe you are a grandparent who can still remember the first time you drove a Jeep brand vehicle many years ago.


National Grandparents’ Day is right around the corner. In order to honor some of the most important people in our lives, we’ve put together a list of fun facts about some of the Jeep brand vehicles your grandparents (or you) may have been familiar with.


1. The Jeep Willys Quad Prototype was released in 1940. From the outset, the vehicle was designed for military purposes.  The U.S. army specifically requested a four-wheel drive, front-driven axel unit, and the Jeep Willys Quad Prototype was the result that would change history.




2. The first Jeep brand vehicle made for everyday use was the CJ-2A. “CJ” stood for “Civilian Jeep,” and  it was the first Jeep brand vehicle to feature a seven-slot grille.




3. The 1950s Jeep Willys Pickup Truck featured a new V-shaped grille with horizontal bars across the front.




4. The CJ-4M existed as a prototype model in 1951. It became the link between the military-specific vehicle and the CJ-3M.




5. One of the most notable Jeep brand vehicles that came to be in the 1950s was the CJ-5. In production for almost 30 years, this vehicle stayed relatively the same throughout its duration on the market.




Did your grandparents get you involved in the Jeep brand family? Or are you a grandparent who has passed the love of the brand on to your kids and grandkids? We want to hear your stories. Post them in the comments section below!


3 Responses to “The Jeep® Brand Vehicles Your Grandparents Used to Drive”

  1. Mike Parker

    I grew up in the Missouri Ozarks and began drivingy dad’s jeep pickup truck over the steep, rocky trails at around 12 years old. This was in the early ’60’s and the jeep truck seemed ancient but handled the job of getting me through the woods where the trails I selected were often just creek beds, and then back to the exact spot I found it so that my dad would, sometimes, comment on a possible fuel leak as an explanation for gas consumption. I went on into the marine corps where jeeps were the primary mode of ground transportation. Today I own a 2013 wrangler unlimited duel top and live back in the Missouri Ozarks near where I grew up. We off road frequently and camp often with our oversized Brazilian mastif and Labradors. Life just wouldn’t be the same without our jeep .

  2. The title of this article should read, “The Jeep Brand Vehichles Before The Jeep Brand Was Ruined by Every Crappy Vehichle Released Since the’01 XJ By The Clowns That Took Over The Jeep Brand and Made Jeeps Look Like Some Heinous Japanese Import Bubble Mobile”. Jeep might as well be Kia and Hyundai “SUVs”. Total garbage now compared to the rugged workhorses pictured above.


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