Special Delivery from Jeep® Postal Vehicles

Jeep® DJ-5 Dispatcher, 1975

Dispatcher Jeep® vehicles were originally designed for people who needed the open body style, but not necessarily the off-road capability – people like USPS postal carriers. These photos come courtesy of retired postal worker John Lloyd on Flickr (Hugo90). Notice the right-side steering. If you’re interested in Jeep dispatch vehicles, visit www.postal-jeep.com for more information.

Jeep® Dispatcher Assembly Line, South Bend, IN, 1967

8 Responses to “Special Delivery from Jeep® Postal Vehicles”

  1. Randal Eddy

    I am a postal worker and have owned 4 of this type of Jeep, the bigest problem is they wernt sold to the public so you cant run to your local parts store and get your parts you have to find a parts man with time on his hands to match the parts by sight and hope they fit,because if you bought a 1975 model and a 1976 model and they look identical but none of the parts match, even same year different month.
    Type your comment here…

    • i have a 75 dj-5d and i get most of the parts right there at napa. they run the numbers as though it were a cj-5 and we get things to work out. if it doesnt work as a cj-5 they run it as a 1973 dj-5 because thats as recent as the dj’s go in their book.

  2. we’re still driving right side steering…wish it was still a jeep.  I own one.  help save the post office…ask your letter carrier if they are collecting signatures to send to congress…we get no tax payer dollars, never been bailed out, largest employer of American veterans..check out nalc.org  for real info  …jeeps rule 🙂

  3. I bought one of the postal jeeps back in the late ’70s. It had been painted forest green by the USPS. I cut out wheel wells in the back, added an extra leaf spring in the rear, and changed the steering over to the left side. It was a good little project. The down side was that every time I went off the pavement, the motor mounts broke. I sold it and bought a 1953 CJ-3B, a whole ‘nother project

  4. tim policandriotes

    Type your comment here…There will come a time when these are very sought after.Old milk trucks and railroad delivery and postal trucks are starting to bring big money.Hang onto them.

  5. I see the white 4×4 models on my street 6 days a week. Our mailmen still use them. Im in rural Maine and they drive them through huge snow banks to get to the mail boxes. Never even a hint they might be getting stuck!

  6. Jeep should bring back those Dispatcher and Islander flat fenders of the late 50/early 60s, and if they are doing the MW3 JKs, bring back those Mighty Mites!

  7. these are Great we had one in Fl when we had a flood and delivered food to people till they could get out


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