Jeep® Heritage Quiz | 1953 Jeep Willys CJ-3B



Are you a Jeep® brand enthusiast who really knows your history? Every Friday on the Jeep Blog, we’ll have a quiz for you to put your knowledge to the test. See how many you can get right on your own. If you get stuck, read up on the Jeep Willys CJ-3B here.


1.  What was the new engine used in the CJ-3B?

a) F4-124 “Hurricane”                              c) AMC 150

b) L-134 “Go Devil”                                   d) AMC 258


2. Which other vehicles used the same engine as the CJ-3B?

a) Jeep Willys Pickup Trucks                   c) CJ-3A

b) Jeep Willys Wagons                             d) Both A and B


3. Some of the more prominent features of the CJ-3B are a __________ and a _________.


4. True or false: The CJ-3B was produced for twenty years.


5. By 1968, over _____ vehicles were sold.


Ready to see how you did? Scroll below the photo for answers.




1.  A.


2. D.


3. “higher hood and grille”


4. False. They were produced for fifteen years.


5. 155,000


How many did you get correct? Post your scores below!


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