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Think you know your Jeep® brand vehicle history? Every Friday on the Jeep Blog, we’ll have a quiz for our Jeep brand enthusiasts to take. See how many you can get right on your own. If you need a quick refresher, read up on the 1950 Jeep Willys Pickup Truck here.


1. When did production of the Jeep Willys Pickup Truck stop?

a) 1955                                   c) 1965

b) 1957                                   d) 1970


2. What was the model name of this pickup truck?


3. What type of grille did the 1950 Jeep Willys Pickup Truck have?

a) Traditional and flat                                 c) Rounded with vertical bars

b) V-shaped with top horizontal bars      d) Flat with one top bar


4. The new engine used in the 1950 Jeep Willys Pickup Truck was called _______.


5. True or False: The new engine mentioned in question #4 was capable of 75 horsepower.


Ready to check your answers? Scroll below the photo to see how you did.


1950 Willys pickup rt frnt




1. C.


2. The 437.


3. B.


4. The F4-134 Hurricane 4-cylinder engine.


5. True.


Think you were one of the top scoring Jeep brand fans? Post your scores in the comment section below!


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