Jeep® Heritage | 1970 Dispatcher Jeep (DJ)


Each Friday on the Jeep® Blog, we explore the Jeep brand’s iconic heritage by highlighting a different historical vehicle. This week’s vehicle is the 1970 Dispatcher Jeep (DJ).


Jeep vehicles delivered soldiers to and from the frontline in battle, navigate up the highest mountains, plow through the thickest mud, and go anywhere that vehicles can go.


They also used to deliver your mail.


Originally introduced in 1955, the DJ-3A was available as a right-side steering vehicle for mail delivery. In 1965, the DJ-5 Dispatcher 100 replaced the DJ-3A along with the longer wheelbase DJ-6 model. To improve stability in the heavy vehicles (which had full hardtops and high centers of gravity), the rear springs in the DJ-5 and DJ-6 models featured rear springs mounted outboard of the frame.


In 1971, the front end of the DJ models changed to five grille-slots instead of the usual seven found in vehicles like the CJ. The change was cosmetic and functional, as the new grille better accommodated the inclusion of a straight-6 engine and radiator.


While the experience of having a trusted Jeep vehicle pulling up to your mailbox six days a week is no longer possible – the marriage of two American icons lasted until 1985 – many people still have fond memories of Jeep vehicles driving the USPS.


Stay tuned to the Jeep Blog for more about Jeep Heritage in the 1970s and beyond.


3 Responses to “Jeep® Heritage | 1970 Dispatcher Jeep (DJ)”

  1. I remember talking to a mail man in the early 90s in Virginia that had just been “upgraded” to the newer mail trucks… he had bought his old Jeep at a government auction for cheap.

  2. This is really what makes the jeep brand special. I look at the other trucks out there and nothing compares to the history that jeep brings to the table. This is American Pride at its finest! Go Jeep.
    2004 WJ Grand cherokee Freedom Edition


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