A history Of The Jeep® CJ-6 (1956-75)

The Jeep® brand has been around for seven decades, with 2011 marking our 70th anniversary. We’ve decided to create this blog series to look back at our history and review all our models one-by-one.

The Jeep CJ-6 was introduced for 1956, and was in production for just under 20 years. It was essentially identical to the classic CJ-5, just stretched by a massive 20 inches. This longer 101” wheelbase added substantial cargo space to the vehicle and was our answer to the endless requests for a roomier vehicle.

In 1965, the CJ-6 benefited from the same “Dauntless” V6 engine as the CJ-5, which meant a tremendous 155 horsepower (practically double that of the base engine) was now on tap for those who opted for it. This quest for power took another step forward in 1973, when parent company AMC shoved a 304-cubic-inch V8 (or the optional 360-cubic-inch) under the hoods of all CJ models. AMC also improved the rest of the vehicle by equipped heavier axles, bigger brakes and a wider track.

The CJ-6, while loved by the people in need of the extra space, was a relatively slow seller, moving just 50,172 units over the course of its two-decade life. It wouldn’t be until the early ‘80s that we introduced another long-wheelbase variant (the Scrambler).

9 Responses to “A history Of The Jeep® CJ-6 (1956-75)”

  1. Tom Trigalet

    You didn’t mention the CJ6 with a Perkins diesel engine.  My father bought it new in 1966.  I am fitting it with disc brakes.  It has had some body work and itis in good shape.

  2. John Tiffany

    I lived in Northern Michigan in the 70’s. My family had a light green 1965 CJ 6 with the Tuxedo Park option.

  3. I had a 1974 CJ 6 with a 304 V8 and loved it as I could sleep in the back. I’d still have it today if AMC had done something to prevent it from rusting out. The body was bare metal bolted together and then painted so every seam would rust out. Even the spare tire hanger on the side had bare metal behind it so that eventually rusted off.

  4. jimmanninen

    Type your comment here…i have a 1965 that needs workit isthe only one i have ever seen  jim manninen

  5. where do i find good parts at a good price for my cj6 i cant find any

  6. I have a 1973 cj6 that I’am trying to restore,the body is in rough shape,does any one have any leads as to where I might find a good tub new or used.

    • Mike, I have a repairable one located in central Kentucky.

  7. Does anyone know what a good estimate is (or know the price value) of the vehicle in the 60s?


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