70th Anniversary Jeep® Celebration

Seventy years is a long time. Although average life expectancy increases each year, there are likely only a few Jeep® brand enthusiasts left who were around when the Jeep brand launched in 1941. It goes without saying that a brand that has 70 years of consistency under its belt isn’t something to scoff at. Seventy is a number worth celebrating. As such, we are excited to share this fresh-faced advertisements for your viewing pleasure. “Fresh-faced and 70?” you ask. That’s right; as we all know, the Jeep brand seems to be either timeless, or to be getting younger. Still a favorite among 16-year-olds and 60-year-olds alike, love for this brand can jump the age gap and bring young and old together. It’s just as relevant and timeless to you as it was your Granddaddy. So, enjoy these advertisements celebrating our 70 years, it will likely make you feel just as nostalgic as it did us.

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