Jeep® Heritage | 1957 Jeep Willys FC-170

1957 Jeep® Willys FC-170

Each Friday on the Jeep® Blog, we explore the Jeep brand’s iconic heritage by highlighting a different historical vehicle. This week’s vehicle is the 1957 Jeep Willys FC-170.


Over the years, the Jeep brand has defined and then redefined what a hardworking vehicle does and represents. In 1956, the Jeep Willys FC-150 was introduced, expanding the vehicle lineup with a unique cab-over-engine (hence the name “Forward Control”) design to maximize the utility area behind it. Simply put, it was a unique truck ready to work hard.


1957 Jeep® Willys FC-170

In 1957, Jeep Willys introduced the larger FC-170 model. Its 103-inch wheelbase and 108-inch bed made the truck even more capable on the work site and beyond. The truck was available with a pick-up bed, stake rails, or cab and chassis only. The cab and chassis version, built to be upfit-ready, allowed the addition of a dump bed or towing crane, for example. In addition to industrial uses, the FC-170 could convert into a fire truck, a military-specific truck, an ambulance, and more.


Today, Jeep Willys FC trucks are lauded by enthusiasts and historians alike for their unique appearance and storied place in Jeep brand heritage.


We’re nearing the end of the Jeep heritage in the 1950s, but fear not – we’ll be delving into the Jeep brand’s 1960s models, production, and heritage soon!

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  1. HAHAHA, that Jeep was used to service the latrines on aircraft.  The drain hoses are the same after all these years.  I wish they still used a Jeep for that. 


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