Jeep® Heritage | 1946 Jeep Willys Station Wagon & Delivery Wagon


The 1946 Jeep Willys Station Wagon holds a revered place in Jeep® brand and automotive history. It was the first all-metal station wagon and represented a further expansion of the company’s vehicles into non-military territory. This Station Wagon was built for two groups: families and businesses.




For the first three years of its production, the vehicle was two-wheel drive, powered by the Willys L134 straight-four engine, also known as the Go Devil, which was the engine found in Jeep Willys MB vehicles produced during World War II. Aesthetically, the family oriented Station Wagon featured a three-tone paint scheme, intended to mimic the look of wood-paneled vehicles of the era. The “Delivery Wagon” version featured a solid panel on the side where the middle and back row windows would have been.



In post–World War II America, the possibilities, both culturally and economically, were boundless. Nowhere is that more evident than in the Jeep Willys vehicles of the era. Whether transporting commercial cargo or the most precious cargo of all – family – these do-anything vehicles helped mold the new American way of life with limitless possibilities.


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  1. i love my 53 willys overland and if anyone needs a frame for a 1950 willys overland station wagon i have one for sell, it’s good shape too

  2. Does anyone know if these Willys Wagons are identical to those made by Kaisar/Willys in Argentina into the 1960’s?
    Were they made any place else?


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