Preparing for the 2014 Easter Jeep® Safari


This year’s Easter Jeep® Safari is right around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited. Between a full week of off-roading events on some of the toughest trails in the country and introducing a few new concept vehicles, what’s not to love?

If you’ve never experienced the Easter Jeep Safari event, let us tell you, there’s nothing quite like it. This year, the event starts on Saturday, April 12 and runs until Sunday, April 20. We’ll be taking on all the toughest trails, including Cliffhanger, Moab Rim and of course, Hell’s Revenge.


Trail rides typically last the full day. You’ll get to meet other Jeep brand vehicle owners from around the country and experience the Jeep brand family firsthand. If you’re planning on attending, make sure to bring plenty of water, sunscreen and extra supplies for your Jeep brand vehicle.

To register and see complete details on what to bring, visit Red Rock 4 Wheelers Inc.’s official website. We’ll be out there bringing you the latest updates and photos from the event. Let us know if we’ll see you there in the comments section below!


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