Camp Jeep® at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show [PHOTOS]


Earlier this month, we headed out to Chicago, IL, for the largest auto show in North America. One of the highlights of the show is this year’s Camp Jeep® setup, which includes a brand new section of the test track.


Camp Jeep allows visitors to experience firsthand what some of our Trail Rated® vehicles can do. The 2014 Jeep Cherokee, 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and 2014 Jeep Wrangler all put their maneuverability, ground clearance and stability to the test as they tackle the various obstacles around the track.






Next time you’re at an auto show, make sure you check out all the off-roading fun in your favorite Jeep brand vehicle at Camp Jeep. To see more photos from the 2014 Chicago Auto Show and Camp Jeep, visit our Facebook page.


4 Responses to “Camp Jeep® at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show [PHOTOS]”

  1. Ashley Werner

    Does that mean you’re thinking of doing Camp Jeep again?! My family and I miss it sooo much.

  2. I wish…but I think the days of their commitment to their customer’s and their “loyalty” programs have fallen to the way side. I fear that my 6 Camp Jeep window flags will never fly again, let alone see an additional flag. I miss being able to speak directly to the design engineers. The real “Camp Jeep” was all about showing owners that they were appreciated and part of the Jeep family. This Camp Jeep “on the road” is little more than to show off the vehicles.

  3. turbozman

    Like CF I also have 4 Camp Jeep Flags and I would like a 5th. To this day my XJ Cherokee still flies a Bearded Smiley antenna ball that I bought at CAMP JEEP. In addition to bringing back the real CAMP JEEP you could also bring back the XJ Cherokee and the Bearded Smilely.

  4. HugoTheImpaler

    Understand the competitive financial issues since 2008. But its long overdue. Time for real Camp Jeep!


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