Sending Jeep® Enthusiasts to the Jeep Jamboree


We hope you caught our photo-packed recap of the 2nd Annual Laurel Highlands Jeep® Jamboree on Monday. Today’s post is another Jeep Jamboree recap, but of a different nature. Among the throngs of Jeep off-roading fanatics at this year’s Jamboree were four individuals on an all-expenses-paid trip on the Jeep brand’s behalf. Why were they chosen? Because they’re Jeep brand enthusiasts and they tweet. It was that simple.


Jeff Abel

A few months ago, we decided to reward some of our most loyal and vocal fans for simply doing what they do best – engaging with their followers on Twitter and supporting the Jeep brand. We flew all four enthusiasts (and their guests) to the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Because it was everyone’s first Jeep Jamboree, we gave them one major task: have fun off-roading. Pretty cool, right?


How did our special guests enjoy the trip? Well, it sounds like they had as much fun with us as we did with them. Jeff Abel and his wife Julie flew in from Colorado to join the Jamboree.  He said, “Of course we loved driving the Jeep vehicles, but the experience of the Jeep community was even more amazing. It was great meeting Jeep owners from all walks of life, gathered because of their love of their Jeep vehicles. Connecting with them, sharing stories, and seeing families hanging out together were my favorite parts of the trip.”






Duane Bailey

Duane Bailey of Virginia echoed Jeff’s sentiment, saying, “My entire weekend was spent with Jeep brand enthusiasts who genuinely cared about each other, who took the time to help one another and who were just thrilled to be there. The Jeep Jamboree was an amazing experience!”


Steve Carver and his son Chase “Rallix,” owners of a 2007 Jeep Wrangler, loved the event.  Of driving through the muddy Pennsylvania woodlands, Chase said, “It’s totally different [than driving in California]. It’s muddy and has a little bit of everything.” Now that they’ve seen the Jeep Wranglers take on the Laurel Highlands rocks and mud, Steve said they plan to go off-roading a lot more. “Realistically, we’re going to the Rubicon next week to get it dirty,” he said. That’s not a bad way to follow up a Jamboree adventure, in our opinion.


Ol’ Cracker

Finally, Sean “Ol’ Cracker” Landenberger, who takes his Jeep Wrangler out on the beaches of Florida, was floored by the capability of the 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. “In four-wheel low, the Wrangler Rubicon gives true meaning to the phrase Go Anywhere, Do Anything™. The Jeep brand has combined and branded a bucket list adventure with the Jeep Jamboree experience that I will talk about for the rest of my life!”


It’s hard to put into words what an experience like a Jeep Jamboree is really like. Luckily, we were with four amazing Jeep brand enthusiasts who were able to do it for us. So here’s one more big THANK YOU to all of them.


11 Responses to “Sending Jeep® Enthusiasts to the Jeep Jamboree”

    • Thank you, Julie. Off-roading with you, Jeff, and the rest of the crew was a blast.

  1. Duane Bailey

    I’ve been a Jeep owner since the Fall of 2001, when I bought my new Wrangler off the lot from the local Jeep dealer. Over the years, my boys and I have spent countless hours in my Jeep, including numerous camping trips and other outdoor activities. I can honestly say the Jamboree weekend was the most fun my oldest son, Kevin, and I have ever had driving a Jeep! Thank you, Jeep, for having us!

    • Thanks, Duane. We’re so glad that you enjoyed the Jeep Jamboree.

  2. My dream has always been in a jeep jamboree ever since  my dad bought me a jeep cherokee laredo 1989 which now resides in Chile and he kept it lol. my 2011 JK wrangler ever since i bought it in Miami Florida it has taken me all over the USA, I visit my brother in Boston(and passed to visit maine), the first weekend we bought it we drove to the smokey mountains to celebrate the freedom of owning such a capable vehicle, and after moving to Alaska from Miami and now on my way back from alaska to Miami again it has been coolest and awesome 45,000 miles i have ever done i have pictures of my jeep everwhere =D . Thank you for making such a capable machine and so versatile..

    a true forever fan!

    J. Locko

  3. My husband had several jeeps when he was younger. Life happens children job house ect. Kids are finally grown only one still with us and he is 27. Dreaming of getting my husband a jeep again for us to go in. Right now it will be a dream for a while till I can find another job but I know that is coming even if it has been over a year. It would be something he would truely love
    Thank you for giving me some dreams for him

  4. My family has owned Jeeps and we cannot seem to part with our 1998 Jeep Cherokee. I want my son who just got back from Afghanistan and his new bride to become Jeep owners and be able to explore the national treasures we have here in America. There are wonderful towns and cities to travel with delightful bed and breakfasts and a litany of scenic views that are breath taking. Jeep can get you there. Now to get to own one!

  5. I know a single mom who is in desperate need of a vehicle. She probably would pass out if she would win this!!!!

  6. Tami Bates

    I would love this new ride… garage is cleaned out and waiting for this vehicle! How exciting!


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