Photos: 46th Annual Easter Jeep® Safari


It’s the sign of a successful trip to Moab: we’re still finding red dust in our backpacks, shoes, and in just about everything else we took with us on the trails. Jeep® Blog was once again on hand during the 46th Annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari and we’ve got some great stories – and photos – for Jeep Blog readers.



As we begin to share with you some of our amazing trail experiences and interactions with Jeep brand enthusiasts, have a look at some of the postcard-ready photographs that we shot out on the trails.


Enjoy the photo gallery below and be sure to visit Jeep Blog for more this week.



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  1. Don’t buy a jeep from Burlington Dodge/Jeep in South Jersey. They do not understand Jeeps, are rude and don’t honor warranties!!!


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