Mopar Custom Hood Decal for Your Jeep ® Brand Vehicle

Jeep Hood

Never forget your map at home again.

With the help of Mopar’s Jeep Performance Parts, the hood of your Jeep® brand vehicle can now be customized with a topographical map of the area of your choosing.

To start creating your vehicle’s decal, visit the customizer on the Mopar website. From there, you can select the map, style and border color that best fits your Jeep brand vehicle. If you don’t have a particular map location in mind for your decal, you can always use an infamous off-roading location option such as Hell’s Revenge or the Rubicon Trail.



Once you’ve selected your map and border, you can add a bull’s-eye or compass icon to pinpoint an exact location on your map.

After your design is complete, all you’ll need to do is submit your e-mail address to secure your design. Mopar will e-mail you a unique code that matches with your exact design. You can then take that code to your local dealer where they’ll be able to place an order for the decal as well as help you schedule an installation appointment.

The decals will be available for Jeep Wranglers dating back to the 2007 model, the Jeep Grand Cherokee dating back to the 2011 model and the all-new 2014 Jeep Cherokee.

Will your map include your hometown? Your favorite trail? Somewhere else? Start designing your personalized decal here.


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  1. Chuckster Washington

    Is there anyone 6’5 or taller driving a jeep grand Cherokee SRT? If so are you satisfied with the leg room?


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