Jeep® Historical Highlight – the Jeep® Willys Pickup Print Ad


We are really having a great time reflecting on our 70 years of innovation and leadership, and are excited to share some of our favorite Jeep® brand memories with you. Through the ages, Jeep brand vehicles have maintained the style, versatility, and affordability that still represent our brand today. In the spirit of this, we’ve been looking back at some of our iconic automobiles, and sharing some of our favorite finds from the Jeep brand vault with you guys here on the blog.


Take a look at this advertisement for the 1947 Jeep Willys pickup truck, a revolutionary vehicle which delivered owners a functional and affordable truck, and sported a strikingly modern look (for its time – this was 1947, after all). This was our very first pickup truck, and though times have changed, the quality and reliability drivers have always found with the Jeep brand are the same as ever.


We think it’s been a pretty incredible ride so far, but we want to hear from you. What do you guys think about our old Jeep pickup trucks?  If you think it was a good idea for us to offer one, we’d love to hear why.  Obviously this model got it all started, but is it time for a modern-day version?  Chime in below and let us know your take. We’re all ears.


15 Responses to “Jeep® Historical Highlight – the Jeep® Willys Pickup Print Ad”

  1. Mykel Smith

    Jeep trucks are the second best thing to a wrangler. I would love to see jeep come out with a simple, classic style truck! It would just be amazing!

  2. Heather

    A JEEP truck would be awesome!!!!!!!! Coming from a 3x wrangler owner if JEEP did that I may have to get one 🙂

  3. Lenny Nichols

    We need a Jeep truck. If Jeep had not discontinued the Comanche, I would still be driving a Jeep truck. I’d love to find an old Willys PU to drive.

  4. JeepInterest

    I understand from sources within Chrysler that the Gladiator truck is green-lighted for production in 2014!  Way to go Jeep!

  5. A Jeep truck would be a great addition to your already great lineup of products.
    Jeep Grand Cherokee owner.

  6. JEEP…The only vehicles I’d ever consider parking where my 1993 YJ parks (right in front of my house!) is a Willys Truck or a Gladiator. Make us a new one with a Rubicon package. I’ll be first in line. Check the forums, I do, everyday waiting for the announcement. The demand signal from loyal Jeepers everywhere is pronounced. I’ll take mine in Dark Blue with a charcoal interior, and preferably a V8 or a Diesel.

    I’ve been driving my YJ since 1993 and don’t plan on buying new unless/until you build us a truck!

  7. A Jeep truck similar to the Gladiator concept, JK8, and AEV Brute would produce excellent sales in my mind, the demand on jeep forums is insane, it’s about time yal started listening to the die hard jeep enthusiasts. offer packages that cater to OUR wants, cut all the tech junk out of there and build us a SIMPLE jeep like the good ole’ days. Give us a Pick-up, Give us a good Diesel motor, give us our simplistic designs back, and get rid of all the computer controlled junk, and we will be happy and buy buy buy!

  8. We’ve been seeing a lot of traffic on our Facebook page on this topic. 

    Jeep knows there is demand.  They’ve been attending events and listening for the last few years.

    Unfortunately, it seems that Fiat wants them to build transmissions for small cars instead.

  9. Thankfully I still have my 1950 Willys pick up but a new truck from Jeep is long overdue and the outcry of support through the different media outlets is obvious. What are you guys waiting for?

  10. Chris

    It will be nice for y’all to bring the jeep pickup out it will sell their is so many people out their just waiting for it to come out

  11. Its a shame that they can’t decide to build the Gladiator concept from years ago.  How many websites popped up dedicated to it?  I guess it is a case where people who love their cars 10x as much as people who just want to buy a car to get from point a to point b still count as one sale.
    I haven’t bought a new vehicle since our 2003 Rubicon.  We almost bought a new minivan last year, but instead bought a used solid axle Grand Cherokee.  It’s a bit old, but with that I can turn it into something to love.
    I’m surprised to say this, but when the Gladiator concept came out I was ready to buy it.  It’s the same thing today.

  12. I wanted to add that the allure of the Jeep truck wasn’t the Jeep styling. i.e. a Dakota with a seven slot grill is not what I want.  It was the fact it was a Jeep with large tires and ground clearance.  It had a little diesel.  It was like a nice little VW TDI car and big Ram Cummins combined into one fun, useful, awesome Jeep.

  13. Dennis

    I will buy a Gladiator pickup, new, even though I do not buy new cars, and sell my Civic and Nissan 4×4.
    Please make one, and diesel, I have been waiting for this! 
    Atlanta GA

  14. Stephanie

    Just make sure that it’s the Gladiator with just the basic features.  Otherwise, I would hire a 4X4 shop to “mechanize” it.  To mechanize means to replace power features such as windows and locks with mechanical versions, eliminate the power features now found in the JK, and perhaps put either a traditional 4WD system (manual hubs and twin-stick transfer cases) or a TJ-style 4WD system in it.
    We are not going into space in a Jeep, people.  If you want to design and build these features, go work for NASA or ScaledComposite.  Please…

  15. Johnn Mustang

    Greetings from Argentina! Jeep Trucks are great, I really love them. They were manufactured here by IKA (Kaiser Industries) and they were named “Baqueano” (which means “cowboy” or something like that). Kaiser Argentina manufactured pickup Gladiator, Willys Wagon (known as “Estanciera”) and CJ-5 too. Today, it’s very hard to find any of these models in good condition.
    Jeep Trucks are useful, awesome Jeeps indeed.


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