Jeep® Brand Vehicle Owners Resources

So you finally bought that Jeep® vehicle you’ve always had your eye on. Maybe you added another Jeep vehicle to your collection. Or you’re still navigating and cruising in your trusted friend with tens of thousands of miles. Whatever your status, you should know that the Jeep brand will be there along for the ride. With all types of different online resources out there for owners, we thought we’d highlight some for you.


Register Your Vehicle. The first and probably most important step in getting the most out of your Jeep experience is to register your vehicle. Simply visit the Jeep Owner Connect registration page to get started.


Download Owner and Service Manuals. If you own a Jeep brand vehicle from 2004 through the current model year, referencing your owner manual is as easy as visiting the Jeep vehicle owner manual website. Enter the year and the make of your vehicle, hit the download button, and your manual is automatically downloaded to your computer.


Service Contracts. Looking for the ultimate peace of mind for you and your vehicle? Check out Jeep brand service contracts to fit your every need. Choose from different coverage options, or choose to renew your plan.


Towing Assistance. Hey… it happens to the best of us. A wrong turn or unforeseen conditions can lead to getting stuck in a rut. The 24-hour Towing Assistance Program is designed to meet your towing needs and give you peace of mind as you travel around in your Jeep vehicle. Visit the 24-Hour Towing Assistance page for details and terms of coverage.


The process of buying your dream Jeep vehicle or even purchasing another vehicle is exciting and fun. Once you’re out on (or off) the road, rest assured that the Jeep brand is there, should you need help or assistance. Visit for information about the 2012 lineup of Jeep brand vehicles and for more Jeep brand resources.

2 Responses to “Jeep® Brand Vehicle Owners Resources”

  1. It’s time for me to do some mechanical service on my 2012 Wrangler and I need a service manual. One is not available on right now, so when can we expect publication? Digital release is fine, but I and the community need this. The Jeep ethos is essentially that of individualism and working on our own vehicles is part of that.

    Please publish the manuals soon and make this a big announcement. It’s a Chrysler, Jeep and Mopar thing that other companies don’t understand. Don’t fail us.


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