Times of Your Life | 1950’s Jeep® Jamboree Legend Mark Smith

In the second installment of the Jeep® “Times of Your Life” video series we profile Jeep Jamboree Legend Mark Smith.  He purchased his first Jeep 4×4 for $500 and has been conquering trails ever since. Head to the Jeep “Times of Your Life” app on Facebook and tell us your story for a chance to win a 2012 Wrangler.


2 Responses to “Times of Your Life | 1950’s Jeep® Jamboree Legend Mark Smith”

  1. Stephanie

    I understand Mark’s last point, BUT there are several reasons why people don’t pursue it.
    For me, it’s because of money (I am just an unskilled common wage earner, and I don’t want to tear up a daily driver that I intend to keep for possibly the rest of my life) and my views on what a vehicle is supposed to do and be like (I am old-school in terms of utility, keeping it simple, 4WD and manual transmissions, etc., and I came from the country and being able to drive manuals on the ranches at 13).
    That said, I have fun driving on dirt roads when I can, which isn’t often in the big city.

  2. Jeep Jamboree is awesome but not everyone can afford $450 for freaking weekend In the inception it was about living off the land and nature in the beginning now its all about the cash. Thats why we have our own and do it all for the price of  gas and food  no one makes a dime off it but we make gr8 memories


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