Six Tips for New Owners of Jeep® Brand Vehicles

new to owning a jeep brand vehicle


Welcome to the adventure. Your Jeep® brand vehicle will change the way you travel and, just maybe, the way you live. We’re glad you joined this passionate group of the Jeep brand enthusiasts, and we’re excited to be with you on your next off-roading excursion. To help you get started, here are a few tips for new owners of Jeep vehicles. Enjoy the ride.


1. Get into the culture of Jeep vehicles. People who drive Jeep vehicles are a unique bunch. They crave adventure and the outdoors. They love a good road trip but prefer to go off-roading. They’re equally interested in showing off a shiny new ride or a muddy one. And they drive through life with curiosity and courage.


2. Meet other Jeep brand enthusiasts. Attend events like Jeep Jamboree USA. It’s the quickest way to understand your vehicle and what it’s capable of. Plus, you’re bound to make friends with other likeminded off-roaders.


3. Know your vehicle. To get to know the ins and outs of your new Jeep brand vehicle, read through the owner’s manual and visit for information on everything from taking the top down to maintenance schedules to staying connected with Jeep mobile apps.


4. Know your elements. Off-roading brings you face-to-face with a variety of terrains and challenges. Fortunately, we have a few tips  for tackling the trails, whether you’re rock crawling or driving in sand. And be sure you Get to Know Your Mud — we know you’re anxious to get dirty.


5. Learn your history. Our heritage Jeep blog posts are a great place to start. Discover the Jeep brand’s strong connection to the military, along with the various Jeep vehicles that have ruled the roads and the trails for more than 70 years.


6. Go Anywhere, Do Anything® You’re now ready for the adventure of a lifetime. It’s up to you to carry on the tradition of adventure.


Any veteran owners of Jeep brand vehicles have advice for new owners? What does every new driver need to know about off-roading?


8 Responses to “Six Tips for New Owners of Jeep® Brand Vehicles”

  1. Most importantly….the “Jeep wave”. A tradition that goes back 72 years, you have to wave to other Jeeps as you pass each other.

  2. juan fernando

    I have a vehicle patriot 2013 with just 15 days of use has many details but the worst is that I’m very desepcionado jepp quality gives no more than 140 km / hr.

  3. my new wrangler is fun to drive. But on black top it bounces a lot. I thought a gentler ride would come with less tire pressure but the sensor goes on. Without changing to new Michelins, how can I make the general ride less bouncy?

  4. BlackJeep

    I don’t recommend bringing one of those butt-ugly CheroKias to a Jeep event. You might end up walking home.

  5. I’m so interested in owning a Jeep. I want a stick shift Jeep. Are manual drive Jeeps made?

    • sarahr

      Of course, jeeps are made with either a manual or automatic transmissions.

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