Six Summer Mopar Accessories for your Jeep® Brand Vehicle

Whether you’re planning a cross-country road trip or just thinking of making a day-long visit to your favorite trail, there’s still plenty of time to add a few accessories to your Jeep® brand vehicle before your next adventure. With the help of Mopar parts and accessories, you can add the extra tools you’ll need for whatever terrain you plan to take on.

Camping Tent

During those summer evenings where you find yourself camping on the road, make sure the stay is a little more comfortable. Set up this tent off the back of your Jeep brand vehicle and don’t miss any of your favorite outdoor experiences.

Mopar Jeep brand camping tent

Off-Road Bumper

If your summertime adventures take you on a rougher trail, protect your Jeep brand vehicle with the help of a front bumper from Mopar. This steel bumper is narrower than the stock bumper, but still designed to give your vehicle the fender protection it needs.

Cargo Management System

Bring everything you need for your next excursion and more. Keep all your gear organized and in place inside your Jeep brand vehicle with a cargo management system.

Mopar Jeep brand cargo management system

Bike Carrier

Fasten your bikes securely to the back of your Jeep brand vehicle before you embark on your journey. This bike carrier from Thule allows you to store your bikes securely and remove them with ease.

Skid Plates

Protect your Jeep brand vehicle from even the rockiest trails with the added help of skid plates. These steel skid plates cover parts of your vehicle’s undercarriage and help protect them against obstacles on the trail.

Mopar Jeep brand skid plates

Cargo Basket

For any extra items you can’t fit into the back of Jeep brand vehicle, store them on top with the help of the cargo basket. This cargo basket easily attaches to the roof of your vehicle and provides the extra storage space you need for longer trips on the road.

Do you have a favorite Mopar accessory you put to good use in the summer? Let us know in the comments section below!


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