2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 10th Anniversary Edition


Over the river and through the woods. Over the boulders and through the desert. Over the tundra and through the snow. Overlanding we go!

The adventure sport of overland off-roading has been around since we first climbed behind the wheel. The urge to find and conquer the most challenging landscapes is built into the DNA of the Jeep® brand. Rough terrain, high elevations, water — that’s always been part of the challenge, and there’s nothing we love more than a challenge, navigating the toughest trails — and blazing new ones — in vast expanses of wilderness.

Overland four-wheel adventures range from famous trails to uncharted territories, and from day trips to yearlong excursions. Some overland trips cross deserts and forests, others cross borders and time zones. The world is full of new places to explore and to get muddy, and a Trail Rated® badge on your Jeep® 4×4 vehicle signifies that you know your vehicle will perform under almost any conditions, whatever distances you plan to travel.

The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is especially well equipped for overland off-roading. In the most challenging environments, when unexpected obstacles like boulders or downed trees block your path, we have you covered. The Rock-Trac® 4WD system helps deliver control and torque, and the 4:1 low-gear ratio and low crawl speed make it easier to trek over obstacles like large rocks and timber and ascend or descend sharp inclines.

Additional features of the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon make it an overland legend — features like the front axle sway bar disconnect for better articulation off-road, and skid plates that protect critical underbody components. Plus, tow hooks are great for helping fellow overland off-roaders out of sticky situations, and high-efficiency, chip-resistant fog lamps help you see the path ahead even when there’s no road in sight.

Whether your overland adventures last a couple days or a couple years, the Jeep Wrangler has you covered for performance and reliability. Still, it pays to be prepared, and a lot of that is in your hands.

Here’s a quick to-do checklist to keep handy as you plot the course of your next overland trek.



  1. Equip Your Vehicle: Make sure you pack all the essential outdoor gear to make overnight camping comfortable, and to help you navigate any unforeseen obstacles. Here are 15 Summer Camping Essentials to pack for your overland adventure and tips for Gearing up for the 2015 Jeep Jamboree Season.
  1. Map Your Route: When you’re traveling long distances, sometimes over multiple days, it’s important to know what’s out there waiting in the expansive backcountry. Topographic maps are useful for plotting your course, and GPS navigation is handy when your trip is underway. Jeep Badge of Honor is a helpful resource for getting started, and a great way to track your progress and show off your overland skills to your friends when you earn status and badges for your vehicle.
  1. Consult Your Owner’s Manual: Safety is of the utmost importance when off-roading, especially as you venture farther and farther from major roads and cities and into the wilderness. Operating your vehicle safely will make your overland adventure all the more enjoyable, and will keep you off-roading for years to come. See your Jeep Owner’s Manual for details.
  1. Be prepared and then some: To help prepare you for backcountry adventures and possible roadside emergencies, the handy Jeep Trail Rated kit includes a burly tow strap, D-rings, heavy-duty gloves and a Jeep branded bag. The Jeep Trail Rated kit is available through Mopar® Accessories, and is standard with the Jeep Wrangler Willys Wheeler — inspired by the original Willys to embody the overland spirit.

2015 Jeep® Wrangler Willys Wheeler Edition

Sometimes it’s fun to cruise on the open road, but in our opinion it’s much more fun when there is no road. Check out the full lineup of Jeep vehicles at, and then prepare for your overland off-road excursion.



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