Outfitting for Off-roading: Introduction

Jeep Wrangler Offroad

If you’ve never been off-roading in your Jeep® brand vehicle, it’s time to pull out your calendar and mark a date. There’s no better time than summer to take an adventure outside of your everyday life and experience what it truly means to have a Trail Rated® vehicle.

We’re starting a series here at the Jeep Blog called “Outfitting for Off-roading” in order to help you out with some of the ins and outs of prepping to hit the trails. We’ll be providing tips for adventuring through various terrains and suggestions on how to customize your Jeep brand vehicle with Mopar accessories in order to take on every trail headfirst.

To get you started, we’re providing a list of off-roading terms you’re going to need to know as you’re preparing to hit the trails.


Articulation – Articulation happens when one or more wheels are elevated and others are planted on the ground. This helps your Jeep brand vehicle drive over rocks and other objects you may encounter on the trail while maintaining stability.

Crawl Ratio – Your Jeep brand vehicle’s crawl ratio is what allows it to climb steep inclines or take on taller rocks. It allows your vehicle to slowly maneuver up and over your obstacle without you having to use the accelerator.

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Ground Clearance – Ground clearance refers to the height of objects your vehicle can take on without causing any damage to the underside of your vehicle.

Low-range – The low-range feature on your Jeep brand vehicle helps you to add additional traction when needed.

Traction – Traction is what helps keep your Jeep brand vehicle from sliding on slippery or wet surfaces. It helps you maintain control of the vehicle, particularly when driving in rain, snow and mud.

Have anything to add to our list? Let us know in the comment section below! Be sure to check back next week for another Outfitting for Off-roading post.


3 Responses to “Outfitting for Off-roading: Introduction”

  1. Simran Kaur

    WOW! thats awesome!
    I just bought my Thar 4×4 few days ago, and got it modified from Bimbra 4×4. Initially i was too reluctant of the decision, But with the fabulous Thar modification, they did onto my 4×4, I am amazed at the outcome! Have a look at my vehicle!

  2. Jeeps definitely have some of the best options when it comes to off-roading. We have a lot of customers with Jeeps.

  3. I have a 92 Laredo that I lifted 4.5 with a rough country add a leaf kit. However I used homemade flat steel blocks under the rear leaf springs and now it’s tearing up my rear driveshaft and ujoints. Does anyone know what the angle should be to angle the differential to solve this problem?


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