New Graduates Prepare for Adventure


The class of 2013 expects more from life…and it should. The world is more connected than ever, and the new generation is prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow with a newfound understanding and confidence in its ability to connect and to Go Anywhere, Do Anything®. Sounds like a group of Jeep® Brand fans to us.


So, to the class of 2013: As the realization of graduation starts to sink in, we have an incentive that will help keep your youthful sense of adventure strong, no matter which career field you’re driving toward.


For recent college graduates and those enrolled in graduate programs, we’re offering a $500 cash bonus on the purchase of a new Jeep Brand Vehicle. Just bring one of the following documents to your local dealer to show you’re eligible:


  • A copy of your application for graduation
  • A letter from your registrar’s office stating your intent to graduate within six months
  • A copy of your diploma
  • A letter from your college or university registrar’s office showing your enrollment status in a graduate program


For details on the college graduate incentive and more great offers, visit


We hope to see you at the office, but we’re sure we’ll see you on the trail.


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