Jeep® CEO and President, Mike Manley Discusses 2011 Jeep® Products

While the traditional season for off-roading is still several months away, Jeep® brand enthusiasts can have lots of fun getting out and enjoying the winter season. While some of the more technical off-roading might not be on your agenda for now, just knowing your Jeep vehicle can have you in the backcountry, seeking out those hidden ski and snowboarding locations makes the wait all that much easier.
In December 2010, Jeep President and CEO, Mike Manley invited members of the automotive media to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to test drive the all-new Jeep 2011 product line. The Jackson Hole area is a premier winter recreation destination and this made a perfect venue to showcase Jeep vehicles. What better way to show off the new Jeep products than by driving some of the most challenging winter conditions found anywhere? The Jeep brand commitment to the improvement of the 2011 line was evident. Especially exciting was the certification of the all-new 2011 Jeep Compass as Trail Rated®. With an inch more ground clearance plus improvements to the suspension and power train, the new and improved Jeep Compass amply demonstrated why it would be a great vehicle to get to those hidden back country destinations. The new Trail Rating® doesn’t mean you have to give up any amenities. A new interior plus a new steering wheel which features radio and phone controls beautifully blends functionality, ergonomics and 30 new safety features including electronic stability control, roll mitigation, hill start assist, and side curtain airbags among others.
During the test drives, the all-new 2011 Jeep Wrangler also demonstrated why there is not a more capable off-road vehicle. Features such as a one-touch electronic front sway bar disconnect and an electronic differential lock makes transitioning to off-highway conditions a snap. This is especially appealing when you are getting deep into snow, ice, and slush.
There are few places which embody the Jeep® lifestyle like Jackson, Wyoming. Surrounded by the spectacular Teton and Gros Ventre mountain ranges, Jackson has some of the finest skiing and snowboarding in the country. There are also miles of trails to explore via snowshoe or cross-country skis. While at Jackson Hole with your 2011 Jeep vehicle, a great adventure is a backcountry snowshoe or cross-country ski. The Cache Creek Canyon is an excellent ski touring or snowshoeing destination. You’ll need your Jeep vehicle to get to the trailhead which is located about two miles east of the town of Jackson. The cross-country trail is machine groomed all winter and is an outstanding example of Nordic ski touring in the Jackson Hole area. Other great winter adventure destinations can be found at the Spring Creek Nordic Center located on Spring Gulch Road northwest of Jackson. West of Jackson, Teton Village hosts some of the best alpine, cross-country, or snowshoeing destinations in the Rockies. Check out for more great winter adventures and destinations.

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  1. 11% of the market share is awesome considering all of the manufactures of SUV’s. Glad to see that the Patriot had a 62% sales increase as well. The Patriot was not really advertised extensively in the U.S. market so I think we are now seeing the word of mouth of being the most affordable SUV while maintaining great off road capability and outstanding gas mileage start to play out. The only problem would be to cancel the line or change it extensively right when all of the hard work will now begin to pay off. Putting the Jeep Gladiator concept into production could be the biggest thing to hit the street in decades. I know there is a HUGE market for that vehicle. Build it and you’ll take more money away from the other brands than your Dakota brand. Thanks for the great Vid…we needed this mid winter!

  2. It seems that auto makers depend on engineers to come up with ideas to change/improve automobiles. Some of the best ideas come from ordinary people (thinking out side the box,). I realize that auto makers use private companies to evaluate consumers ideas/ways.
    I am looking forward to purchasing a new SUV. I have tested & evaluated several different makes & models. I have my sites set on a new Jeep Liberty.
    I came up with several way to improve the Jeep Liberty. Communicating this Ideas to jeep is very difficult. The Jeep Blogs seem to be a one way communication (Jeep to consumer). How about making the Jeep owners/ Fans feel that they are being listened too. Involve them (Us) into the creation of Jeep designs & product refinements. From time to time offer prizes. It is a good marketing tool. Maybe a tax write off. Why pay more. When Jeep can get it for a lot less money.
    I sure would like to help.

  3. Helen B.

    A “trail rated” Compass . . .
    Sigh . . . the badge has no meaning.

  4. 1Texas Kid

    The new Jeep line ups are starting to blend in with the crossover vehicles. Jeep Cherokee has away had a station wagon look and feel. My concern is that the truck frame will fade. I’ve like trucks. You can not treat a car(crossover) as if it is a truck. Off-roading can get extreme.
    The square Box Look of the Jeep Liberty (KK) provides more space than the older Liberty (KJ). As a do it yourself home owner, the Jeep Liberty (KK) fold down front seat is very,very handy. Tough & versatile Jeeps maybe the deciding factor for may do-it-yourself consumers.


    Dear Mr. Mike Manley,
    I am very impressed with the 2011 and in fact today signed a contract to buy a 2011 Wrangler 4 door 4×4 Sahara.

    But I was very disappointed with your 2011 Wrangler catalog which was extremely miss leading in how you presented the UConnect system. The catalog has 3 pictures of the steering wheel which ALL 3 have the telephone steering wheel remote control. This was a very important feature to me for both safety and being compatible to our other vehicles.

    My dealer is Furman on Highway 54 in Tampa. They said they contacted the factory rep who informed it was not possible to add UConnect system and have the steering wheel control.

    i am asking for your help to make this right and have the steering wheel control installed on the car I am getting. After all, i did pay for it !!! ….. as it was advertised.

    Thank you in advance for your help.


    Gator Cases Inc.
    16304 Moradas De Avila
    Tampa, Fl. 33613
    Phone: 813-221-4191 x 123


    • V Walzer

      I myself have a 2008 Overland and Jeep is showing me no lease loyalty after 3 consecutive leases so I did my research and the Kia Sorento is by far the clear winner for power and gas milage. I was impressed when I read the review on Edmunds of the Sorento so I test drove one and signed the deal that day. Massive power out of the V6 with all the bells and whistles of my loaded Overland. I am very impressed and this will be my first foreign car ever but manufactured in America.

  6. 1Texas Kid

    I realize jeeps are not trucks. However, people that use utility vehicles for a living don’t often pamper there vehicles. Back when trucks had real metal bumpers, truck users didn’t have to pamper there vehicles when backing up onto a loading dock. Today auto makers have gone to the opposite extreme. I would like to see Jeep go half the distance for all jeep owners. Because of today’s safety engineering, Jeep would hesitate to put back metal bumpers. How about building a bumper that has multiple re-enforced bumper supports for a 2 or 3 inch bumper protector that runs the length of the front & rear bumpers. It is not much but it will keep the under side of the bumper paint from cracking into a spider like mess. As long as I am on the bumper thing, why are the rear bumpers a bit short. Have you ever tried packing/unpacking a roof top cargo carrier? I wind up being worried about scratching up the paint on the rear bumper,or causing the underside of the paint to crack because putting pressure on the bumper when loading/ unloading my roof top cargo. carrier.

  7. V Walzer

    After having 3 Jeeps in 9 years through the lease program I am not getting another Jeep because I’m being shown no Lease Loyalty and being gouged on a new 1. I did my research because of the rising gas costs and the Kia Sorento came out the clear winner. The V6 in the Sorento has the balls of my Hemi with better milage and all the bells and whistles of my loaded OverLand for $12,000 less. It truely breaks my heart to not get my 4th Jeep but Chrysler created this proplem! So long Jeep!

  8. 1Texas Kid

    Dear Mr. Manley:
    I participated in the Chrysler Premiere test drive. I test drove the new Jeep Cherokee/ Liberty / Patriot / & Compass. I very much enjoyed the fancy options. I feel that Fiat & Chrysler / Jeep are on the right path. There is two exceptions. Front & Rear Bumpers must be made to endure several light taps when parallel parking or backing into a loading dock. In a perfect driving world, parking spaces are suppose to be big enough to parallel park. As you probably already know , cars keep getting smaller. So do parking spaces. It is always the other guy who doesn’t care because he or she is in a hurry to get somewhere. Once your bumper is damaged it will be difficult to figure out when & who damaged it, since flexible bumper paint always cracks from the undercoat side. I am the type of person who will keep a vehicle for a lest 10 years. I have had 1st hand experience. It is the little thing that bother most vehicle owners the most. Please consider a new bumper design. I am sure your Chrysler / Jeep design engineers can easily make minimal changes without costing a bundle of money. After all Jeep is known for its tough & rugged on & off road vehicles. For further details, feel free to e-mail me.
    The other thing that needs stream lining is a clear detailed description of Chrysler / Jeep dealership maintenance pamphlets. They change form dealer to dealer. I am researching / test driving S.U.V.s to figure out which is best for me. I noted that Honda, for example, has the same maintenance pamphlet form dealer to dealer. I found that Jeep does not. Jeep dealerships do not state that they suggest / prefer that vehicle get other have added services done on top of Chrysler / Jeep’s regular scheduled maintenance. I don’t agree. I feel that it is deceptive. I have decided to bring this to Chrysler / Jeeps attention though this blog instead of making a big thing about this.

  9. Gladesman1

    The Jeep GC is an impressive vehicle that falls short by avoiding giving Americans a Diesel Options. Did you know your JGC with a Hemi actually qualified for cash for clunkers based on Mileage. Mine did!

    If VW can give the US 28 MPG (and the forums all blog more ditto for MB) and an 8 speed tranny in the Taoureg, then Jeep can certainly do the same and better with the Motori. Take the lid off Jeep and make it happen!

  10. Susan Miller

    Dear Mr. Manley,

    We own a 2006 Jeep Wrangler. I was stopped at a stoplight behind a large SUV. The SUV driver decided to back up, I am assuming to get a better angle on the sharp right turn he was getting ready to make. He backed into me and snapped off our right front fog light.

    The black plastic piece that holds the Hella light to the bumper now needs replacing. Nothing else needs replacing, the light assembly is fine. (By the way, that driver is uninsured and not returning phone calls, so I get the inconvenience and the expense.)

    But guess what? That small black part, probably about $5.00, is not available anywhere in this world. I have spent countless hours on the internet, on the telephone, a trip to Napa and a trip to our local Jeep Dealer (Fields Jeep in Northfield, IL). I have emailed Jeep Chrysler Parts several times, joined two jeep forums, spoken to Hella lights and J.C. Whitney, all to no avail.

    With no other options I have ordered the entire light assembly part from the Jeep Dealer. It is part #55077917AC and cost about $135.00. I have to wait because that part is on back-order in the WHOLE COUNTRY! And in every instance, the Parts Guy at Jeep Fields, Alvarado, says – every single customer needs that little plastic piece that holds the Hella light assembly to the bumper.

    This is an environmental nightmare – all these perfectly functioning light assemblies going into landfill because you will not sell the attachment piece by itself. I am an unhappy customer. You can correct this situation and make your customers happy – PLEASE sell the plastic piece that you use to attach the Hella Fog Lights to the Jeep Wrangler front bumpers.

    Susan Miller

    • Hello Susan, we would like to help. Please check your email.

      Thank you,


  11. I am EXTREAMLY disappointed that you can NOT get a 5 speed manual transmission in some of the Compass models–including the limited edition.

    I have a Jeep Compass Sport and my wife has a Jeep Compass Limited, both were purchased in 2008.  we wanted to buy 2011 Compasses but the dealer said a 5 speed is not available, except in the Sport. 

    With gas prices rising it would seem that Jeep officials would promote the 5 speed because they do get better gas mileage! We will not buy anything with an automatic transmission, because of the increased gas mileage and we live in country where we get a lot of snow. The 5 speed makes our travels safer!

    One other note: When we bought our Jeeps the factory power train warranty was for UNLIMITED miles and transferable to a new owner. Now Jeep customers are stuck with the 5 year/100,000 mile power train warranty. I would like to know why that policy changed.

  12. 1Texas Kid

    I am with Bob on the change on Jeep Power Train Warranty. I was about to purchase a new Jeep. However, after hearing about this changes. I took a step back to asses how this would affect me. Unlimited warranties are a big peace of mind for me. I tend to use my vehicles for 10 years or more. HONDA dealers kept re-enforcing how HONDA is known for its reliability. And why Japanese vehicles have better durability in there engineering of auto parts. I however know better. I want to see it in writting. Jeep / Fiat changes are new. It is not enough for me spend $50,000.00 without getting some peace of mind. Jaguar’s no maintenance promo is a plus. It is not a off-road vehcile. However it does back up its products with a solid peace of mind.

  13. Toni Cluck

    Dear Mr. Manley,
    On Feb. 17, 2011 I was driving on Interstate I-75 at 70 mph in middle lane and my airbag deployed for no apparent reason. I got off the road without hurting anyone. I am receiving medical treatments 2/3 times a week for neck injury and right hand.  My husband was in passenger seat and had just had eye surgery and was not hurt.
    My insurance filed a claim with Jeep for all the bills and was declined. Jeep said our vehicle was out of warranty! Duh! it’s a 2003. Everyone except Jeep is telling us “this shouldn’t have happened”. But it did!
    I am now paranoid to drive our beloved Jeep and feel that someone at Jeep should be able to give us some answers.
    My husband and I now have a mark against us on our insurance due to no fault of our own. We are at the age (80 and 71 years) that we pay enough in premiums now.
    We would like to get rid of our Jeep because of the fear it could happen again, but feel that we should be compensated in some way since we did nothing wrong.
    Our Jeep is one of the most reliable vehicles we have ever owned and would love to own another one but . . . . . .
    My husband is on military disability and I am a post polio victim.
    Please help.

    • Hello Toni, we are sorry to hear about this incident and we would like to help. Please check your email.

  14. Sonny Nelson

     I guess mike got tired of putting oil in the 3.8 v6 or not being able to pull up a small hill!! The Wrangler JK is the 5th Jeep that’s been in our family It will be the last…..What a shame that Jeep cannot build a IC motor that doesn’t use oil.. 1 Qt per 850/1000 miles ISN’T acceptical as I’m told by Chrysler Rep.. My Chreokee Sport had 234,000 miles with NO oil consumption!!! The JK could be the best 4×4 around!! Sonny