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The new 2012 Jeep® Wrangler Arctic Edition is designed to handle in the snow, but it can Go Anywhere, Do Anything™. When you shift into 4-wheel drive, what’s your favorite terrain: snow, rock, sand, mud, or all four? Leave a comment on this blog post and you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to win a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Arctic Edition. For more chances to enter, visit the Arctic Yeti Dig at, now through January 20th.

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6,569 Responses to “Arctic Yeti Dig | Comment and Win”

  1. This would look great parked next to my 2011 Unlimited! His and hers, woot!

  2. Gerard Niebauer

    Type your comment here… I have a 2004 Wrangler which I use here in Erie, Pa to go back and forth to work. It’s 4 wheel drive gets me around quite werll, and I enjoy driving it. It sure would be nice to have a new one to go along with it. Thanks, Gerard Niebauer

  3. scott saber

    Type your comment here…I also have a 2009 black unlimited X in the household, we love it.
    My wife will not let me raise it so I would love this one!
    Jeep forever….

  4. Richard Johnston

    We have a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee that we love. This Wrangler Arctic Edition would make for a great set; only problem would be that my wife and I would both want to drive both of ’em!

  5. Philip Vanwinkle

    I have a 2009 Sahara Unlimited. I love it. My wife and I decided we need another one. This would look pretty next to mine.

  6. It looks awesome, can’t wait to stand next to those tires in person. Monster!!

  7. Adam Lewis

    I am the very pround owner of a 2011 Jeep Wrangler Sport.. my first new car ever. I have literally never owned a vehicle that was not a jeep and Ive loved them all. Between me my parents and my brother there are 4 Jeeps in my family. Jeep for life baby.

    • Adam Lewis

      I forgot to mention I live in new england and it can get a bit frosty up here. That bad boy would really hook a brotha up

  8. Jose Ramalhosa

    I am all about seasonal driving. Winning this car and living in Jersey would allow me to use this vehicle to its full potential. I can see it now.. Driving top down to the Beach, Trailing up the Camel Back Mountain to the ski lodge or driving through Mud and Rock ditches in English Town. I would drive this vehicle to its full potential, an absolute dream come true. . .

  9. Allen Tredway

    Black 2011 Rubicon looking for friendship possible long term garage mate

  10. Born and raised in the home of the Jeep in a family that builds these beast, yet can’t afford my own 🙁 would love to own this monster! 😀

  11. I love all types of off roading, my favorite is rock or dirt. Been rock crawling a few times also. We could really use a new Jeep, I love them 🙂

  12. Luke Austin

    Man would I love this ride. I’ve been needing an off-road vehicle so bad the past few years. I’ve always got to borrow a friends truck to go snowboarding or camping in the summer. Would love one of these!

  13. Wow – I’d sure love to be able to own this baby! I used to have a 1979 CJ5 Renegade years ago. I’ve missed it ever since I had to sell it. :o(

  14. IiType your comment here…i have a 2010 sahara and i love it but i could also love a new 4 door go jeep

  15. Type your comment here…I have a 2010 Sahara, and love it……….would love to have the 280 horses of the 2012…….this would be one way to do it. 

  16. Steve Ballard

    We do not get much snow in the Texas Hill Country, but lot’s of opportunities for off-roading and rock climbing.

  17. The Arctic Yedi would be the Ultimate Jeep for us in New England area. Good luck everyone!

  18. I recently after years of being a dad and sacrificing for my family, recently completed my quest to own a jeep wrangler. This has been a life long ambition of mine and to be able to say that I own a Wrangler and now with that goal complete, I can say that I truly drive something that is a reflection of who I am. I am Michael Sargent Practicing Photographer, and Student of Light, and I am a proud Wrangler Owner. It truly is a Jeep Thing!

  19. James Lombardi

    My first vehicle in 1997 was an ’86 Wrangler, hope to make a reunion this year with Wrangler again!

  20. 1Texas Kid

    I wholeheartedly agree that the Jeep sets the best off road engineering standard.
    I would like to see the Jeep engineering department take the extra finishing steps, such as, designing a more durable/ sturdier rear bumper. Most Jeep vehicles are equipped with luggage racks. Loading & unloading things on/off a luggage rack require a place to step on for gaining access. Jeeps bumpers are painted plastic. The bumper will get scratched up if stepped on. Nissan Pathfinder has a place to securely support a foot for gaining access to the luggage rack. Like I stated, Finishing touches.
    The fold down front passenger seat along with the middle and rear seats is ideal for transporting 8 foot long items. Yet, the 2008-2012 Jeep Liberty seems to be the only vehicle on the market which provides this option. I would like Jeep engineering consider using this on all Jeep models.

  21. 1Texas kid.

    The Yeti Jeep is just what I need in Washington State.
    The winter season has lasted longer than normal this year. Just as luck would have it. My old 1997 Dodge is on its last leg. The repair cost are more than the car is worth. Braving the elements with out a vehicle is tough. Especially when your grocery shopping. Winning this Jeep will make my life easier.
    I wait for my prayers to be answered.

  22. Jeffrey Lewis

    This would look great beside my black 2003 Rubicon. We usually get arctic like winter conditions in PA.

  23. 1Texas Kid

    Yeti,Yeti,Yeti, what will I do with out you.
    Another Snowy a in the Seattle low lands (March 06, 2012). Global warming?????? More like Global Chilling!!!!
    Texans aren’t use to snow.
    My car had finally died. It seem that Washingtonians aren’t either. I’m pretty good at driving around in snow & ice.
    Icy bone chilling cold winds/rain/snow makes walking not so appealing. How I long for a Jeep.
    Is anybody listening.

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  24. Doug W

    Living in a small city of Wenatchee WA, at the bottom of the Cascade Mountains we see different seasons here all four and I am sure that we could find a use for this Arctic Yeti addition in any season here, Jeep has a awesome line up and it just adds to it, own a 2011 Jeep Liberty Renegade and this would be a excellent choice to get even farther up in the Cascades! (0||||0) Jeep is my vehicle of choice.

  25. Have a 2011 Wrangler Unlimited Sport, which my wife and I love.  Do lots of off-road.  No snow in the desert.  Take that back, got into some snow last Saturday, one patch about 1/4 inch deep and about 15 inches long.  Have seen one Arctic on the street, and love the color and the badges.

  26. Has anyone heard the fate of the Jeep GLADIATOR truck?  I thought I heard that it would happen 2012.  Did this truck get scrapped?  I hope not!


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