10 Photos of Jeep® Vehicles Flexing

Photo by Facebook fan Emmylou Ord Vander Toolen


Jeep® owners love flexing (and not the kind of flexing that most people think of). “Flexing,” for the uninitiated, is when a vehicle’s suspension articulates at an angle. When a vehicle is rock crawling or navigating uneven terrain, good axle articulation keeps all four wheels on the ground, allowing each wheel to deliver torque and proper traction on the ground.


“Flexing” a Jeep vehicle also makes for some pretty incredible photo opportunities for Jeep fans. We’ve chosen ten poster-worthy articulation photos taken by Jeep fans to show off their Jeep vehicles. Whether you drive a stock model or a heavily modified vehicle, we love seeing what they can do.


Photo by Facebook fan Kaye Stewart

Photo by Facebook fan Jason Henderson

Photo by Facebook fan Matthew Evans

Photo by Facebook fan Jordyn Jackson

Photo by Flickr user k1ds3ns4t10n

Photo by Flickr user Guarapol

Photo by Flickr user Greater Southwestern Exploration Company

9 Responses to “10 Photos of Jeep® Vehicles Flexing”

  1. Ivory negre

    I am very dissatisfied with my 2012 jeep liberty jet edition I can’t afford to drive it cause the gas mileage is crap. I get average 11.4 miles a gallon and have only gotten 16 once nothing like the papers said it would

    • Jumboguy75

      If you hold your foot to the floor, use the wrong fuel, don’t keep up on regular maintenance (Oil Changes, spark plugs, etc), have under/over inflated tires, and a whole bunch of other things can affect the MPGs. Just drive gently, get some service done to it, check your owners manual for even more, and report back.

  2. Connor B.

    You’re probably an inefficient driver. I get between 17 and 18 combined on my wrangler unlimited, and its advertised lower mpg highway…

  3. we just took a trip in our liberty 2002 ltd. got 20.5 mpg. when my other half drives, she gets 14 mpg. a lot of it is driving habits. the liberty is especially sensitive to the driver habits.

  4. Jeeps are great. You buy them for what they are. Tough, rugged, strong, and build for the battle any trail will bring. I can assure you, the one thing they don’t ever pass up…is a gas station. It is what it is. Love it or leave it.

  5. I hope that my letter to Jeep will make a difference. We shall see.

    “To whom it may concern:

    My name is Jeffrey Bowersock and I am desperately requesting your understanding and assistance. I am an unhappy and disappointed Jeep Liberty owner. I purchased my 2010 Liberty in August of 2010 from Landry Jeep in Huntsville, Alabama while visiting family. I also purchased an extended-lifetime warranty. My sister-in-law and her family have bought many Chrysler vehicles and highly recommended Landry. In fact, her husband’s mother had recently retired from Chrysler. To be honest, I was very hesitant to purchase an American made vehicle because of other friends that have had bad experiences. Frankly, most people I spoke to recommended I avoid any American product and seriously consider a Kia or Hyundai. However, I truly felt that if I were to purchase a new vehicle, I needed to support the American auto industry. As mentioned before, I did purchase the extended warranty and hoped that if there were issues, this purchase would be sufficient to correct any issues that would arise.
    The sales professionals at Landry were easy to work with and I was satisfied with the purchase. However, before I could drive the Jeep home to Ohio, the problems started. An airbag compartment had to be replaced. For the first couple of months, I was very happy with the Jeep. In fact, I love driving my Jeep. But, after a few months of driving, the problems started to occur. I have had this particular Jeep in so many times for repairs, I’ve lost count. My guess is, it is between 15-20 times. It’s been in for many little things and often repeat visits to correct the same issue. For example, the automatic climate control malfunctions repeatedly. On several occasions it has turned itself on and I have no way of turning it off, adjusting the temperature or even directing where the air flow goes. On one occasion I had to drive from Nashville TN to Cincinnati, OH in August with the HEAT turned on high, blowing full blast at my feet. I had to pull over several times to let my feel cool off enough to continue driving. After this long drive and when I pulled into the dealership, it started working again and the A/C kicked on. The dealership said they could not tell me what was wrong and couldn’t reproduce the problem. Another time this occurred, the dealership charged me the $100.00 required of my extended warranty and said they had to “reset it”. As I type this email the Jeep is currently blowing only in the defrost position and cannot be adjusted. I’ve been driving it this way because I can’t pay $100 each time it does this. I had the vehicle in the shop several times for engine problems as well. They finally had to do major engine repair. While in Ohio, we’ve mainly had our Jeep serviced by Kings Jeep and have been very disappointed with our service there. We’ve seen the service techs be quite rude to many customers and they just don’t seem to have pride in their work. I’m saying all of this because of the current serious issue that I have which is causing such hardship on my ability to get to and from work. I live paycheck to paycheck as many of us do and this situation has put me in such a bind and am at a loss at this point. I beg of you to please look into this situation. I’m not asking for special treatment. I’m asking for fairness and for your company to do the right thing in appreciation for me spending $30,000 on an American vehicle and being soooooo very patient with all of the defects I’ve experienced.
    Recently while driving at high speed (70mph) in 2wd on the interstate, my Jeep started to malfunction. Chrysler had the Jeep towed to the nearest Chrysler dealer located in Wilmington, Ohio (Bill Marine). It took 7 days to tell me that my Jeep has a bad right CV joint boot and a bad left axil seal. They also said that metal shavings were in the assembly. They refused to break the Jeep down any further because I had two 225-65-17 front times and two 235-65-17 back tires. They stated that Chrysler refused to cover this and until I agreed to pay for the repairs, they were not touching it any further. I requested that Bill Marine provide me with a written estimate of cost and a written explanation as to why my extended warranty would not cover this. They said that they could not tell me exactly what it would cost but it would be between $2,000-$5,000. I also requested some sort of denial identifying number and a person to contact to discuss this with Chrysler. They said they did not have this information and I should just call customer service. I contacted Landry Jeep in Huntsville, AL, since I purchased the car and warranty there, and asked them to help me out. They said that unless there was a “major” difference in tire size, this repair should be covered and they did not understand what the problem was (the example used was Mud tires on the back). They then agreed to contact their Representative and District Manager to see if they could have it towed somewhere else and fixed for me. They contacted me afterwards and informed me that the district manager over the Bill Marine dealership in Wilmington, Ohio, had personally inspected the Jeep and at some point went into the “system” and voided my extended warranty until I paid to have it fixed and put new tires on it. Landry said there was nothing they could do until that district manager took the note out of the “system.” I’ve researched the tire size differences, contacted industry experts, and tire specialist. All of them state that this should not cause the problems mentioned. The sizes are both recommended sizes for the Jeep. Also, I haven’t driven in four wheel driver since purchasing the tires in July 2013. Based on the numerous problems with this Jeep and my research and my discussion with experts in the industry, I honestly feel that I received a poorly assembled Jeep and this is the reason why the latest problem occurred. Finally, I am confused by the difference in level of service from one region to the next. In Alabama, my experiences have been wonderful. In fact, Landry Chrysler called me right away when I asked for help with this issue. In Ohio, I have had many disappointing experiences. I also find it hard to believe that Landry was willing to work with us to fix the problem under our warranty but Bill Marine and the district manager here in Ohio seem unwilling. If one representative and district manager says it should be covered under the warranty, shouldn’t they all say that? Please help me resolve this issue as soon as possible. I am in desperate need to get this resolved as this is my ONLY form of transportation and I trusted that your company would stand by their product. I am sure that once you are aware of what’s going on you will be most helpful. Please contact me as soon as possible. Sincerely,

    Jeffrey Bowersock”

    • Hi Jeffrey, please contact our customer care service at 1-877-426-5337. Thank you.

  6. christy

    I have a 2010 commander the 3rd row has split bench with 0nly 2 seat belts I need a 3rd seat back there. Can i get it replaced with a 3 seat bench (like the 2nd row) or just install a 3rd seat belt between the two? Cant get anyone to answer this for me.


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