Watch | 2014 Jeep® Cherokee “Built Free” Official Commercial


Throw yourself at the world, headfirst. Again. Introducing the all-new 2014 Jeep® Cherokee.

  • Richard

    Who sings the background song and what is it? Sounds like old Dylan

    • Klammburger-ler Coan

      Bob Dylan “Motherless Children”

    • mafrost

      Its Rocks & Gravel. Old traditional song

    • mafrost

      Sorry. Just noticed there are 2 versions. The one being shown now is Rocks & Gravel.

  • Guest

    Bob Dylan “Motherless Children” is the song. One of my faves.

    • Tim Cratchit

      True. But this sounds like a Dylan voice-over on someone else’s more current studio guitar work. Sure would like to find this version. But it is likely a one-off hybrid by an ad agency.

  • Mark N

    Why design polarizing headlights when you have the rest of the design spot on? Some designer trying to be too edgy!

  • Neal Shireman

    What’s the other Jeep Cherokee commercial song?

  • Wendy

    This version is by Jason Soda — who was one of the founders of the group Everest.

  • Kate

    Who does the voice? It sounds like Pinkman.