Navigating Winter in 2012 Jeep® Arctic Editions

2012 Jeep® Wrangler Arctic Edition

Did the Yeti call shotgun already? Well then he has to navigate, because we plan to go off-roading in the new 2012 Jeep® Wrangler and Liberty Arctic Editions. Inspired by grueling, sub-zero terrain, the Jeep Arctic models are the latest in a line of popular special-edition vehicles. 


Like the Wrangler Sahara it is based on, the Arctic Edition Wrangler is available in classic two-door models or four-door Unlimited versions, and is powered by a 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6. Unique to the Wrangler Arctic Edition is an “Arctic Chill” ice blue paint job and a few Yeti-inspired touches.


The Arctic winter theme is immediately recognizable – Artic badges on the front fenders, a Yeti footprint decal over part of the driver’s side fender and hood, black hood decal, and Mopar® black fuel filler door and tail lamp guards. It also has the Rubicon tire package for handling in the snow – semi-gloss black 17-inch wheels shod with 32-inch tires.

RPM Yeti

The interior features grab handles finished in polar trim, slush mat with white Jeep lettering, a Yeti on the instrument cluster, Arctic embroidery on the seats – heated seats – and accent stitching on the steering wheel and arm rests. The seats also feature contrasting orange detailing to warm up the Arctic motif.


The Arctic Edition Liberty shares many of the same features as the Wrangler version, like blacked wheels and Arctic badges on the front fenders. The seats are covered in black vinyl with a Gortex embossment, and the inserts are Tectonic fabric with Polar White accents. And, like the Wrangler, the Liberty features that unique Arctic orange accent stitching. It’s available on Liberty Sport 4×4 models, and the Arctic decal on the hood is unique to Liberty.

2012 Jeep® Liberty Arctic Edition
  • Clayton

    What about some real featurs for the artic?  In addition to the tires, how about a block heater?  Are heated seats standard?  What about limited slip or selectable locking axles?  Maybe at least throw in a snow brush/scraper that matches the trim.

    • j oliver

      Haha right on! And a locator beacon.

    • k_kulpa

      … and a heated glove box full of bacon.

  • JeeperCreeper

    and a heated windshield..

  • Scooter McReady

    ………and the diesel is ONLY available across the pond…right ?

  • Hip HoppinnotStoppin

    Lame…and for almost the same money as a Rubicon?  Pretty expensive Yeti stickers…

  • Adam

    I bought a 2012 Rubicon with heated seats and dual top so I have hard on now and soft in the summer… you can keep your stickers and I will pull you out with my lockers when the snow gets deep.

  • Garret

    Jeep please Help me.. My name is Garret TroopI need your help please.. I love everything about jeep. Im currently carless but aspire to have another jeep someday soon. I had my first jeep a couple of years ago and was my crown jewl. It was my most valued possation in life.. Me and my family used it to its fullest potential. But I was in a terrible car accident where i was t-boned and spun 180 drgrees over about 60 feet. I was hit inbetween the passenger side wheel well and the passenger door. This accident happened three days my youngest son Gabe died.. He was two and a half and he was my world.. Alot of things have came and gone in my life but one thing stays the same. I love my family and have a wonderful love for the outdoors and everything that goes along with the journy of getting to the destination. Is there anything you can do to help a fellow jeeper without a jeep? Please help me.Garret Troop

  • Christopher Young

    Type your comment here…heated seats are nice, but it would also be nice to have heated outside mirrors and tow points and yeah a snow/ice brush scraper would be cool too.

  • Christopher Young

    Type your comment here…forgot to mention a heated steering wheel.  By the time I scrape/brush the snow and ice off the vehicle here in Alaska, a warm steering wheel along with heated seats would be wonderful.

  • Garrett Thomas

    So you are making a vehicle “ready for winter” with some stickers and fancy paint?  No heavy duty alternator, no block heater, or oil pan heater?

  • Montana

    I agree with Clayton on the block heater. What a no brainer.

  • Agrigsby

    I love jeeps, i especially love my 1999 wrangler TJ. But i have to say these new jeeps are ranking below average with my expectations. This new jeep isnt anything more than a regular new jeep with yeti stickers and heated seats. If its supposed to be arctic ready and for THAT price at least toss another 2 inches of lift under it, is the gear ratio going to be good enough? how about a locker in the rear, block heater, better altinator, oil pan heater and heavy duty window heaters. You’re advertising something for arctic conditions. I mean come on! The bumpers are crap! The body is fragile as hell, what happened JEEP?! WHAT HAPPENED?! Its no where near worth that much money. I love jeep but im starting to wonder about the new stuff.

  • walt backeroff

    ( cool ) paint and graffics on  the 4-dr wrangler. the yeti reminds me of my old plymouth road runners

    • cindilouwho7

      omg god walt.  i just bought my first wrangle jan 3rd.  its the winter chill arctic unlimited.  we love the yeti.  especially my kids.  we also own a 1970 hemi road runner that my hubby has had for over 20 years.  we thought the same thing and decided this was the one for me.  i have waited over 20 years for a wrangler and love it.

  • Dave

    Um hello it’s a Jeep; extreme anything is standard equipment. The stickers are just for fun.

  • John T

    I love everything JEEP and am a proud owner of an ’09 Wrangler Unlimited. However, I think you’ve missed the mark on this one. Stick to actual upgrades and performance options and leave the fancy paint and stickers on the drawing board. Perhaps a Wrangler series of package upgrades from say Step 1-5 depending how radical a customer wants to get. This concept would be more appealing to true “mud and rocks” jeep folk like myself. Good Luck!!

  • Bill

    seems my 06 has more on it and it was only a 65th anniversary edition.

  • Giovanni galvez

    I am ready to buy this jeep. But I want the arctic chill color and my dealer says that jeep had discontinued that color is that true?

    • cindilouwho7

      i have the arctic chill color and my hubby is a mechanic for a jeep dealership and they told us the same thing.  sorry hun.

  • Haroldkim

    정말이지 엄청난 성능과 디자인을 가진 jeep이다.

  • BoomstickElvis

    Any real feature/content here?  A bunch of stickers and badges plus a tire package should be a small upgrade, not a full edition.

  • Scott H

    Don’t put lights IN the bumper. It’s for bumping things. This is not arctic ready. It’s ad hype.
    As others mentioned; block / oil pan heaters are a must for severe cold. A traction package, lockers or whatever, a must for snow and ice. 32″ tires? That’s just standard street driving Jeep! No suspension/body lift? This doesn’t deserve “Arctic” rating. Looks cool though.

  • Greg

    Jeep needs to step their game up and get back to there roots of hard core off roading and military use. Who cares if you have a Yeti on the dash…. I love jeep but they are really starting to disapoint.

    • Josh

      So true!!! This Jeep is horrible.  Before long Wrangler is going to be like the Hummer H3.

  • Bill

    Just bought the Arctic Liberty yesterday, I was not to keen on the theme but it came with an options package I could not pass up for the same price as the regular Liberty with basic features. I drove off the lot at 23490.00 fully loaed. I drive a Camaro 2ss and had to have something for the winter here in Denver. This was an excellent choice at this price point. Not the best Jeep by any means but it fits my needs and many others who need 4WD at a reasonable price.

  • GXB

    I have a Wrangler Unlimited Arctic edition. It is true, the price tag equals the Rubicon’s and it still does not come with locking diff or sway bar disconnect. But: block heater is a $35 option (not a deal breaker right?), limited slip differential was around $300, wheels, struts and springs are same as the Rubi’s. Heated seats and mirrors are part of the Arctic package. It is more like a loaded Sahara with unique look and harder suspension.

  • Lance

    Nope. I live in Anchorage, and there are some things missing – . I wouldn’t mind seeing some chrome bumpers and wheels with the ice blue paint either.

  • Hugh Brien

    You guys should market them on Alaska State Troopers or Flying Wild Alaska.

  • Name (required)

    the new owner of jeep also owns fiat

  • lm

    the arctic package is a joke

  • CarlosnLasVegas

    Wife drove an AUDI A8L and switched to the Jeep, only because it was offered in Winter Chill Arctic Edition.  looks like Jeep found a whole new market just because of looks.  Saving 50Grand, I’m not complaining!

  • bleubby

    Originally going for a red rubi, but the winter chill color caught my wifes eye, and it was all over, -we bought it! Love the suspension and wheels – more off-roady than a std sahara plus loaded standard!

    • cindilouwho7

      your wife has great taste.  i got one too.  the color is what sold me.  i owned a 99 cherokee that was almost the same color.  was going to go with a crush unlimited till my hubby came home from work and told me to go to the web site.  saw and bought it 5 weeks later.  his dealership got it in and we drove it out..

    • Yeti4me

      I got my Arctic Unlimited Ed in Winter Chill and I absolutely LOVE it! The color is what sold it to me when my fiance and I were looking at them last year. And I have gotten so many compliments on it, I do not regret buying it at all. There are a lot of nice upgraded features on it from the standard Sahara. However, at the time I bought it, end of March, it almost took an act of God to find one, they are not being produced anymore. But am so happy to have found one. :)

  • Cheryl

    Just bought a winter chill Arctic edition and would like to find a spare wheel cover made of a molded material that is painted to match the cool winter chill blue.  Anyone know where I might get one?

  • GXB

    Boomerang Painted Rigid Tire Cover
    Call Quadratec 1 800 745 2348 to see if they have it in winter chill yet and if your rim/tire combo fits inside.

  • Tammy

    I love my Jeep Wranger Arctic Edition in Winterchill blue.  It is everything I wanted in a Jeep and more!

    • cindilouwho7

      me too.  my hubby is a jeep mechanic and has had me waiting for years for my first wrangler.  so worth the wait.  even though it was killing me to get one.  drop kicked my unwanted but needed at the time minivan.

  • Cheryl

    GXB.   Thanks for your reply.  Boomerang does not have it in my color yet.  I will try back in about a month.  I am also going to try MOPAR to see if they have anything.

  • GXB

    Check out Rollmasters too.

  • jadkar

    Just picked up a White Artic Edition Unlimited and I really love it!!……… I was going back and forth between that and the Rubi since the price is similar.  I have wanted a Rubi for a long time but now with wife and two kids I have to be realistic about how much offroading I will be doing (plus no dealer near by had a Rubi loaded the way I wated it).  However….. I still wanted a loaded Sahara, and upgraded shocks, BFGs, black wheels.  The appearence package isn’t bad and I’m SO glad the “Artic Edition” is a badge and not a “islander” style decal.  So at the end of the day if things change in my life and I want a little more capability I can add lockers and sway bar disconnects.  Where I would be wheeln’ I don’t need extra low transfer case or the 44 upfront anyway. Believe it or not my biggest concern offroading right now would be messing up the white flares.  I’m wondering how easy it is to remove them and replace with aftermarkets just when I’m going camping?? 

  • Marc

    Just bought a white liberty arctic. I love it! With all the incentives, I walked out the door under $25,000. The wrangler arctic was $10,000 more. I could not pass up the great price with more room for the family + it is loaded. Truthfully, it cost about $1,000 more than my jeep sport I bought new in 97- can’t beat it!

  • Marc

    Just bought a white liberty arctic. I love it! The $3,000 incentive makes this a deal you can’t pass up. The wrangler arctic was $10,000 more. I see a lot of jeep liberty’s everywhere- but haven’t seen an arctic yet – I like having a jeep look slightly different than everyone else without paying extra for it!

  • Drew Tait

    Definitely a top ride in the fresh fallen powder during the winter! Wish I can win it!!!!

  • Marc

    I am a 7 time jeep owner. I now at 40 have an 83 cj with a small block 350. 4 inch lift and 35 inch tires. A rocket ship. Jeep needs to get out of the 10000 dollar sticker business. Arctic looks cool but needs to be priced less than a condo in Florida.

  • Dangle

    I love all the bitching on here.  Most of you probable don’t even go off roading and have shit jeeps.  If you hate Jeep so much go buy a Hummer and SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!

  • Dan

    I bought A 2012 JEEP Liberty Arctic in mineral gray metalic,  i get looks everywhere even jeep owners head snapping lol, coming from a 01 jetta this vehicle is amazing but no snow in CT this yr. : (

  • Cheryl

    Having never owned a Jeep before, I might be asking a strange question.  Do fellow Wrangler owners always wave when passing by?  Is it just a PA thing or is it a Jeep thing? It is only the Wrangler drivers (not the liberty or cherokee) that wave.

    • Dave

      It’s a Jeep (Wrangler) Thing!!

    • Dan

      Yeah Ithought the same thing. An Yes its is a Jeep Thing :)

    • cindilouwho7

      omg cheryl i wondered the same thing.  my hubby is part of the road runner club and motorcyle club and now i am in the wrangler wave club.  ive actually had other wrangler owners following me to my destination just to check mine out.  a little concerning at first especially with kids in the car but its ok now.

  • Dan

    So, I am new to the Jeep thing and recently bought a 2006 Jeep Wrangler X. It had Hancook 215/75/15 on the origional steel rims.
    I am not sure if I want ti raise it much if at all but I do know I want it to look a little more beefy.
    I am considering 235/75/15.
    I do mostly road driving and occaisionally like to find a trail. (In S.E Massachusetts that hard to find)
    Any one have any suggestions on tire size without a lift. Or is a small lift “A must have”.

  • Dan

    I do have a question about the 2012 Liberty Arctic Edition,  when I bought it I asked the dealer if it was a limited production he said no, but, I service my Jeep at a different dealer, they said it is a limited production.  So which one is it ?  Special Edition  or   Limited Production special edition?

  • Greg

    Really get serious or does it matter how good you look at -40. Please stop the insults and make a real winter jeep without the bling and all the real equipment that we require to get started on a cold winter morning and get home in 3 feet of snow over 2 inches of ice on the road while it is freezing rain. The more I look at the new jeeps and the more I see off road, the more I realize that the jeep is but a foundation and should be offered as such. A bare bones package with solid drive train and suspension because cute stickers don’t get you to the end of the trail or home. Hmm going to think twice about my next off road toy.

  • LadyG

    I just bought a fully loaded Rubicon that I pick up in 2 days, can’t wait (!!!) as my Murano is falling apart due to the weather factors & unmet engineering. First thing I did on the Jeep was check out the design on the windows as I did not want another leaky car-among other issues I have had!
    I don’t have a single complaint about the Jeep ordering process-other than it took 3 weeks to transport it here after they made it-but I do need to comment on the available colors. The color selections change in the middle of their manufacturing year so I was not able to get my first 2 choices. I ended up ordering the Commando Green, thinking it was more of a hunter green (like the paint chip on the brochure), but I know it will arrive with an odd, more olive drab color. While I do not particularly care for it, at least it will not show the mud so much, which was my primary concern in balancing taste and practicality. Where I live its impossible to keep a vehicle clean. I do not understand why all their colors are either very dark or very light, no happy medium except for maybe “dune” (beige)(barf) How about a peacock blue!?!?!
    Anyway, this may be the reason Jeep offers different packages in other colors and why people are willing to pay so much more for them. It may also account for the Jeep’s limited color selection which I will say, for me, yes I’m female, just does not make my bells chime with joy.
    And before any of you mouth off *smiles* I was also concerned with the materials the exhaust system was made from, the GROUND CLEARANCE, the HP, the chassis/frame type, the tires, the cargo space, the torque et al, & more than the color…but all those met my expectations! Time will tell if it withstands all the abuse I give my vehicles :)

  • GXB

    LadyG: it won’t leak by the windows. It will leak everywhere else:)
    Jeep has a designated leak fixer serviceguy in my area, this is why:

  • MBP

    My wife hit the curb and scratch my rim. Dose anyone know where I can get a rim at?