What’s the Most Popular Jeep® Vehicle Color?

What’s the first thing you notice about a vehicle? Its size? Body shape? Specific exterior features? Whatever it is, the color of the vehicle is undoubtedly near the top. Jeep® brand vehicles have a storied history of bold, bright, classic colors that are almost as identifiable as the vehicles themselves. The numbers are in, and we’ve got the top five Jeep brand vehicle colors of 2011. Can you guess what they are?


Top 5 Popular Jeep Vehicle Colors


1. Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl Coat

2. Gloss Black

3. Deep Cherry Red Crystal Pearl Coat

4. Bright Silver Metallic Clear Coat

5. Tungsten Metallic Clear Coat


Let us know what color your Jeep brand vehicle is in the comments. Why did you choose it?


  • Brian

    Really?? No Mango?

    Hmm.. wonder if there are different colors in Canada as US as the Tungsten Metallic is gorgeous but don’t think it was available up here..

  • http://www.neo4x4.com CLEJeepGirl

    No Detonator Yellow?  I get that.  It takes someone with some courage to drive a big yellow Jeep.  I actually love that it’s not popular. Makes it even more unique. 

  • Toscha

    My 2010Jeep JK Unlimited is Mango Tango Pearl in color.

  • Dan Donnelly

    Mines a black Rubi . I’m not surprised at the results.

  • Seb

    Where can one see these colors now? Didn’t realize they had 2 blacks.

  • Michael

    Natural Green isn’t even on the list? How about adding another color since black is on there twice…

  • Doug Burgess

    Silver….always looks clean…dirt does not show as much.

  • Larry

    laupis blue cause its special

  • She

    My XJ is Deep Amythest (read: purple); I was in denial for ages until I looked up the color code!

  • Ron Byram

    My 2003 Rubicon TJ is Bright Silver Metallic.. I went From a 1978 CJ Ginger Gold to Silver. Hi HO Silver Away!

  • BWepp

    Mine is a 2011 Grand Cherokee 70th Edition in Bronze Star Pearlcoat – very rare.  I haven’t seen any on the road besides one on a car carrier about a year ago.

  • http://www.pixeleight.org jeremy

    How about having more jeeps unpainted, and letting the customers choose which they want. Personally the orange and yellow models are great, but would be wonderful to see matte chocolate brown or tan two tones.

  • Stephanie

    It’s that silver color for a 2005 LJ. Love it, because it stays pretty clean-looking when it’s dirty.

  • Rob

    Loved my 2012 in geko green so much had to get the four door in orange crush for the wife. :-) :-)

  • http://bigwsky@gmail.com steve

    what about o\d green with cognac interior? Matte brown with black interior. class it up a bit…

  • Nancy

    Surf blue!

  • Ben

    Type your comment here…

    I hope Mango Tango comes back in 2013. I am waiting to see the colors before my 2013 Jeep Wrangler buy.

  • Darron

    Loved my 2005 “Impact Orange” Rubicon

  • Cody

    2010 wrangler 2dr, charcoal black, stays cleaner than the other blacks (right now it has a custom alberta mud brown paint job tho)

  • vikki

    dark charcoal metallic is the color of my XJ.

  • Dave

    Bright Silver Metalic

  • Duke

    2000 Wrangler TJ — Yellow with black soft top. What other color would a Pittsburgh Steelers fan buy??

  • http://philipswett@hotmail.com Phil Swett

    Need a free or affordiable 2005 or newer cherokee jeep for a diabeled vietnam veteran, PTSD, eceived a kidney transplant in Deceember 2011, diabetic. Currently have 1999 jeep cherokee sport with a broken rear transmission. aneed jeep for doctors appointments and local shopping, i have physical therpy 3 times a week and regular transplaant follow ups appt whick is 360 miles round grip, please help, I live alone and treyh to take care of my selp as much as posxsiable. Love my jeep and this is my third one that i have owned. God bless you Phil

  • Maureen

    Black Forest Green 2012 Unlimited. Deep Cherry Red wasn’t available with the options I wanted and there weren’t many BFG on the streets that I could see. :)

  • Bill

    Bring back true blue 2012,wrangler

  • Earl Thomas

    Does the crush orange come in a metal flake.

  • Earl Thomas

    do You have the new wranglers in the blue medlefalke as in the early 2000 modles.

  • vinaMac

    how bout a western addition with tan and black and Dodge longhorn style interior…….

  • Bryan

    I love my Gecko JK Wrangler! It’s nice to go some place and be the green one instead of just another silver or black. :) Jeep… it’s all good!

  • Mike

    I am undecided. My XJ is Chile Pepper Red Pearl Coat, but I also very fond of the Fern Green Pearl Coat on my wife’s XJ

  • Grayhrt

    2012 Gecko green…is the lizard! And get a few looks!

  • Dispntd

    I have been very interested in buying a new Jeep for last 2 years. Color IS very important to me! However I think your colors are BORING or plain SUCK! Really? New are dump truck orange or yellow cab??? At least rescue green and mango were different. Tired of same old black white silver red. WAKE UP JEEP!!!

  • Maynard Sutton

    Sand stone TAN, love the color

  • Chuck N.

    Loved rescue green. Just ordered a 2013 in ingot silver because it looks cleanest when dirty. Realy wish they would have still had the rescue green though. Jeep, wise up. You have terrible color choices!

  • Josh r

    Mango sahara jku here… Love it, and had to look for a while to find one

  • Midlandr

    White, I like white, as I live in a desert.

  • Geri Schinzel

    Black always out shines anything out there