More Than Just a Crush

Artists, singer-songwriters, and novelists have all gained inspiration from California’s treasures. Whether it be the busy streets of Hollywood, the blue waves crashing down in Santa Monica, or the massive redwoods of Sequoia, it’s always something, so it’s about time that automotive engineers follow suit.

Here at the Jeep® brand we’ve pulled our inspiration for the 2011 Jeep Wrangler Blue Crush from the deserts of California, home to the King of Hammers desert race. This Wrangler combines high-speed off-road racing and rock-crawling capability into one killer package. It’s powered by a Mopar 426 cubic-inch HEMI with 540 horsepower. The beefed up V-8 comes paired with a 545RFE performance transmission and a gear-drive transfer case.

Mopar threw in a high-speed performance off-road suspension system with internal bypass shocks, a front stabilizer bar and full hydro-steering. The Blue Crush sits up on 39-inch tires, which are tuned to work with the help of custom driveshafts. For extra protection, the Crush features a baja-style full cage and race seats. We think our engineers did a pretty amazing job of putting the Blue Crush together, so she’s joining us in Moab this week to test out all of her capabilities. Some of her best friends will be there as well: the Cherokee Overland and Jeep Compass Canyon, and we’re excited to see how they all handle the heat. Keep checking back throughout the week for exciting news from Moab.

33 Responses to “More Than Just a Crush”

  1. Ill take one in every color… Take a diesel one too!!! GREAT WORK…..!!!!!!!!!

  2. yfzstarr

    will this be sold or just another teaser of what could be?

  3. Denis

    What’s so original about it?  It’s too tall, or needs bigger tires.  Where’s the rocker protection?  And, we want NuKizer!!!

  4. jim westfall

    Bring that Jeep to Wellsville Ohio. Let’s see if It’s tough enough.

  5. If I had MOPAR at my disposal, I would build a Jeep Wrangler with in-wheel/hub electric motors and a small diesel or similar to charge batteries.

    Imagine the Jeep:
    – Economical
    – Serious Torque!
    – Crazy Horsepower
    – Greater suspension travel option
    – No axle wrapping!
    – Ability to be stealthily quiet

    • Type your comment here..we had a hybrid in the plant.dont know why they arent building it it got 40 miles to the gallon.

  6. Glenn

    It looks alright for rock climbing.  How about one for the people who only need it for the times when the weather goes crazy and the roads are impassable.  And with the price of gas going thru the roof, take some of that technology acquired from European compaines to put a diesel (V8) in it to get some impressive mileage on a tank full.

  7. Christopher

    I would re edition the cj5 with A turbo charged four cylinder same transmission and pumpkin but four wheel independent suspension. Full time four wheel drive. overdrive so that it would be highway worthy. Hard top. Roll Cage. Same wheelbase and same torque at the ground in four low as the original. No lifts. Fiberglass body. Variable suspension stiffness for different conditions E.G.- Road, off-road, Towing etc. knobby 235 75 15’s, not to big. tow package. Electronic lockers. Black. Manual transmission :). T18 redesign ?

  8. Jason N

    1: I would put a Diesel in the JK or perhaps one in the entire Jeep lineup!  I would also try to use Dual Clutch Transmission Technology from Fiat!
    2: I would make a side x side ATV/UTV that looked like the CJ5 and CJ7 (the CJ5 is two seats and the CJ7 seats 4).  This way I can open the brand up to a whole new market and sell these things like hot cakes with minimum gov. regulations(no air bags, no abs, etc.  Plus, I have Fiat’s small diesel technology to power my little SxS’s!  This will allow the people who want a “bare bones” Jeep to finally be able to get one and run it on the trails that are finally banning “big Jeeps” because of their width and weight!

    • James

      Are we starting to see a pattern here?  The people want a diesel Chrysler!  Are you listening?

  9. Mickey

    This is one of those vehicles you can park WHEREVER YOU WANT TO!

  10. Bryce

    I would build a Wrangler with a Hemi and mass produce it to finally bring the Jeep back to its old self and sell thousands, I guarantee Chrysler couldn’t build these fast enough to keep up with the demand!

  11. Leon Drew

    Sorry just another ugly 4 -door it not natural for a Jeep to have 4 doors

  12. Sounds like a bunch of bitchy little girls with a bunch of opinions that don’t mean a dam thing until you do it. 

    Mopar did a sweet job!!!  Thanks to all that built this rad ride. Thanks Jeep from a 45 year fan

  13. James

    Sits way too high, and no mention of locking diffs.  Otherwise looks pretty sweet.  +1 Denis!  NuKizer! NuKizer! NuKizer!
    Chrysler, pull your head out and listen to what the PEOPLE want!  More like Rubicon/Lower 40/NuKizer/Mil-Spec, less like compass/patriot!  And for cripes sake, put a diesel in it!  You’re watering down the only remaining strong brand you have!  Keep Jeep true to its roots and you’ll sell more!

  14. Darrin

    As half a dozen people have alreay said, how about a diesel Wrangler?

    And how about cutting back the Jeep line-up to Wrangler, Grand Cherokee and an XJ type, bare bones Cherokee vehicle? Continue to build Patriot, Compass and Liberty if they’re selling for you, but do those of us that have been driving Jeeps our entire adult lives a favor and badge them as Chryslers or Dodges, not Jeeps.

    Jason N: if JKs weren’t big enough to park a CJ on top off (assuming the leaky roof would hold it), trails wouldn’t ban “big Jeeps”.

  15. A diesel engine accross the entire lineup would be awesome. 40+ mpg in a Wrangler or Cherokee and even a Liberty! They’d sell like hot cakes.

  16. Fiorella

    Can you say SICK!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeep has always had the sickest cars ever! like the awesome Wrangler!

  17. jeremiah

    love it, where do i get mine.. by oct ill be in the market again for a new ride

  18. Chris

    Chrysler HAS been listening, people.    They listen to their bottom line, 90% of which is made up of soccer moms and mall crawlers who’s open wallets dictate where Daimler-Chrysler design goes.  Those of us who actually wheel the damn things are a niche market, at best.  We’ll be lucky if we ever see a diesel model in the States, let alone all the doo-hickeys us wheelers REALLY want.

  19. Chris S.

    A diesel, preferably with a turbo, would be MY choice.

  20. Type your comment here…wow a great looking jeep!!!! its to bad you whining bitches dont apriciate a vechicle that sells an help keep the jeep line going along with the soccer mom one also small minded people dont progress verry far thats why your not in charge  of the line ups !!! an yes a diesal would be nice too have as a option also tho!!!!

  21. James

    Kevin K…  Having an interest in progress makes a person small-minded?  I think not.  Having the grammar and punctuation abilities of a second grader could be said to make a person small-minded.  Family cars and full-size trucks have turbo-diesel engines, why not jeeps?  Soccer moms would love their “jeeps” even more if they were getting 35-40mpg, and the offroad niche market would flock to them as well.  Chrysler is doing themselves a disservice by ignoring the demand that is readily apparent.

  22. JOHNNY

    Type your comment here…diesel turbo 40mpg electric hybrid assist 24″ independent suspension hd rockwell posilock axles  removable fiberglass body parts/tops w rail crawler frames hydraulic jacks for rollover corections sit’n on 40″noflat 20″ beadlocks in some Flat military stealth color…call it the JOHNNYJEEP! Its freakin unstopable!!

  23. JOHNNY

    Type your comment here…Lets call it the Crozet CrusherII by JOHNNY!


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