Play the Jeep® Holiday Go Anywhere Blog Hunt



Whether it’s over the hill to grandmother’s house or up the hill to a snowy mountain summit, Jeep® brand vehicles are the official Go Anywhere, Do Anything™ vehicles of the holiday season. To help celebrate the holidays, we want to give YOU the chance to win a prize pack full of Jeep brand merchandise.


Jeep Holiday Go Anywhere Blog Hunt


To gain entry into the Jeep Holiday Go Anywhere Blog Hunt, we’re sending you on an adventure through Jeep Blog posts in order to find FIVE hidden words. These five words make up a secret phrase that you will have to unscramble and then submit once you find the final word. When one contest period ends, be sure to keep checking back — we’re releasing new secret phrases to give you more chances to win a prize pack full of Jeep brand merchandise. To get started, click the hyperlinked word below.


Here’s how it works:


  1. When a new secret phrase is unveiled, we’ll give you the first word (see below).
  2. This word will be a hyperlink to the blog post where your next secret word is hidden.
  3. To identify the secret word, you’ll need to read through the post and find the next CAPITALIZED and hyperlinked word.
  4. This word will take you to the blog post where the next word is hiding.
  5. The process repeats itself until you have found all five of the hidden words for the day.
  6. Be sure to keep track of the hidden words along the way, as you will need to unscramble the words to figure out that day’s secret phrase.
  7. Click on the final hyperlinked word to register and submit the secret phrase.


Click on the hyperlinked word below to begin your quest to discover the secret phrase. A new secret phrase will be unlocked on the following dates:


  • Tuesday, December 18: Closed
  • Sunday, December 23: Closed
  • Friday, December 28: Closed


Official Rules 

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