Jeep® Grand Cherokee Named the Best Off-Road Vehicle for 2012

With automotive manufacturers from all over the globe trying their hand at making off-road vehicles, one can be forgiven for finding it increasingly difficult to wade through all of the offerings for the 2012 model year. Luckily, many automotive magazines and organizations can cut through the noise. We’re proud to announce that Total Car Score has named the Jeep® Grand Cherokee the Best Off-Road Vehicle for 2012.

A few things in particular stood out to the Total Car Score editorial team. They loved the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s available V8 engine, its superb off-road capabilities, and its excellent on-road driving dynamics.  Whether it’s traveling over snow, rocks, mud, or the pavement, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is supremely capable while providing a luxurious, safe ride.


2012 has been a banner year for the Jeep Grand Cherokee. In addition to being named SUV of the year, receiving accolades from buyers and winning praise for its value for the customer, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has also been recognized with best in class vehicle satisfaction.


Visit for more about the award-winning 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee and take a test drive at a Jeep brand dealer near you.

2 Responses to “Jeep® Grand Cherokee Named the Best Off-Road Vehicle for 2012”

  1. Bob Dempsey

    My new 2012 Grand Cherokee Limited, Trail Rated with the Hemi has an off-road defect in that lower gears do not hold when coming down steep trails unless one goes to 1st gear only. Actually it happens on any steep hill (highway or off-road) and causes excessive use of the brakes.

    It is an excellent vehicle in all other aspects. I can’t believe Jeep would give it a “Trail Rated” rating.

  2. Tom Hudock

    I own a new 2012 $47,000 Grand Cherokee Overland. Awesome until Jeep sends out a complimentry nav map upgrade. My won’t upgrade because the nav does not recognize the vehicle vin. Solution? Dealer has no idea and after 4 Jeep customer care people the solution it to bring the car to the dealer, let them experiment with it and page 4 of the owner manual says Jeep has no responsibility for a loaner while under experimentation. Jeep owners realize you may have a great car but there is no Jeep/Chrysler support behind your purchase. Your on your own! Buy a cheap second care to use while your care in being experimented with. The nav company new more the Jeep did. Yeah Mercedes designed the car, hmm, maybe I should take it to Mecedes for service? Maybe they will care because Jeep Corporate customer care does not nor do they care about thier dealers. Or as I was told each Jeep dealer is an independent business and their on their own to decide what the can and cannot fix! Scarry!!!! Yes Jeep/Chrysler is born in Detroit is really true, becuase that what you get old Detroit service.


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